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Amazing Apex Legends Wattson art electrifies fans

Published: 9/Sep/2019 11:55 Updated: 9/Sep/2019 12:24

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends fan artist SK_Jynx has come up with some stunning fan art of Wattson that has taken the internet by storm – and it’s fair to say that this is one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

While it may not have knocked Fortnite off the Battle Royale throne, Apex Legends has created a hardcore fanbase that keeps returning to the game each and every day. Outside of the players who dive into Kings Canyon, however, lays an incredibly creative player base that regularly impresses with their creations. 

We regularly see stunning cosplays of legends like Wraith and Lifeline, as well as fan art of other the wide cast of characters, but one fan has taken things to the next level with an insane image that shows Wattson taking a break from the hustle and bustle of combat.

Respawn EntertainmentWattson was added to Apex Legends at the start of Season 2.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Sk_Jynx showed off their incredible creation that takes the character that was released in season two and removes the weight of the battle royale fighting off her shoulders.

Sk_Jynx’s places Wattson high above King’s Canyon, seemingly relaxing and taking some time for herself, without the orange and blue jumpsuit that has become synonymous with the Legend. 

The incredibly detailed post even highlights the bond that Wattson has with electricity, as the artist has taken some time to highlight damage on her skin.

Have some Wattson fanart! Taking some time off and relaxing <3 from r/apexlegends

The post even blew the artist’s fellow Redditors away, as many were impressed by what they had seen. User v1point0 posted: “Wow! Some high quality art! Great job.” user Ongyon echoed that sentiment by stating: “Awesome! Deserves to be front page.”

Another, user that_guy_you_remembe, added: “Awesome fan art. It looks so good I thought it was a loading screen lol.”

The Wattson image isn’t the only stunning creation from the extremely talented artist, however, as their portfolio extends into other titles like Overwatch and Super Smash Bros.

However, Sk_Jynx has definitely solidified their self as one of the best Apex fan artists around with a number of amazing Wraith images to go with their jaw-dropping Wattson.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaker claims Heirloom weapon skins are coming

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:50

by Daniel Cleary


An Apex Legends leaker has claimed that Respawn are planning to add a new tier of weapons skins for guns, at the same rarity as Heirlooms.

There is plenty of choice for players when it comes to customizing their favorite Apex Legends characters or weapons, and Respawn are always releasing new cosmetic items to keep the game fresh.

The cosmetics for characters and weapons are divided into classes, based on how rare they can be to find, and new leaks are suggesting that some more ultra-rare items could be coming.

Mirage's Heirloom pack in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gun weapon skins could be the next Heirlooms added to Apex Legends.

Heirloom weapon skins?

The Heirloom melee weapons for certain characters are the rarest items that can be unlocked in Apex Legends and, typically, there is only one of them released for a single Legend, each season.

However, while melee weapons are the only type of Heirloom cosmetics currently available, Apex leaker “SomeoneWhoLeaks” has revealed that ranged Heirloom skins for the different guns in-game might be next.

The leaker revealed that the rumor apparently stemmed from an investor inside EA before reminding Apex Legends fans that it has still yet to be confirmed by Respawn.

“Rumor has it that heirloom weapon skins are coming,” they explained, “this comes from some investors in EA, so take it with a grain of salt.”

The Apex leaker added that these would simply be released as ranged weapon skins but was unsure if they would be released through Heirloom Shards, similarly to the melee weapons that have already been released.

They also revealed that the timeline for when these potential Heirloom skins are coming is still unclear, which makes it unlikely that we will see them for the start of Season 7 on November 4.

While little has been revealed about these ultra-rare weapon skins, it is worth noting that nothing is set in stone and we won’t know for sure until Respawn officially release the rumored cosmetics.

SomeoneWhoLeaks has previously leaked Bangalore’s weapon heirloom, although we’re still to see this arrive in-game.