Apex Legends pro Albralelie explains why you should use R-99 instead of CAR

Sourav Banik
an image of TSMFTX AlbralelieRespawn Entertainment / EA Sports

Ever since the CAR SMG made its mark in Apex Legends, players have always debated its effectiveness in contrast to the R-99. TSM’s Albralelie has explained why the R-99 still remains the king of the SMGs.

The popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, features a plethora of weapons for players to choose and sink their teeth into. Among all of them, two weapons that have secured a spot in players’ loadouts are the R-99 and CAR SMGs.

The two SMGs are very similar, while also feeling unique to use. If you’re still wondering which of these two SMGs you should choose to over the other, Albralelie might clear your doubts.

an image of R-99 and CAR SMGs in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
R-99 and CAR are some of the best SMGs in Apex Legends.

Albralelie clears the air between R-99 and CAR SMGs

Albralelie, a content creator for TSM and former pro player, gave his take regarding the evergreen debate on the two most efficient SMGs in Apex Legends – R99 and CAR.

He explained that he’d opt for the R-99 over the CAR, because strafe speed is better on the former. Both the weapons use the same attachments, but this aspect makes all the difference.

Discussing some of the weapons in-game while waiting for a tournament match to start, Alb said, “It just doesn’t matter because of the strafe speed you get from nine (R-99).”

This doesn’t mean the CAR SMG is any less efficient. The fact that it has the flexibility of using two types of ammo makes it stand out from the rest of the weapons in the game. However, with the arrival of the latest collection event, this SMG has been added to the Replicator and players need to craft this weapon for getting their hands on it.

In the end, weapon choice comes down to personal preference. You always want to use what is more comfortable, and that is perfectly justified.