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5 things we learned from Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer

Published: 4/Feb/2020 1:05

by Albert Petrosyan


The new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation previewed a lot of noteworthy content, including Revenant’s new abilities, changes to the World’s Edge map, the new Battle Pass, and more. Here are the five biggest things to take away from everything shown in the video.

With just one day to go until the highly-anticipated launch of Apex Legends Season 4, developers Respawn Entertainment added to the hype with a new gameplay trailer.


The trailer was jam-packed with new content, like how Revenant functions in-game, the major changes to the World’s Edge map, new Battle Pass skins and camos, the new Sentinel sniper rifle, and much more.

Needless to say, there was a lot for players to process, and there’s no doubt most fans watched the video several times just to be able to wrap their minds around all of what was shown.


In order to help with that, we’ve put together a list of the five biggest things we learned from the preview about what to expect in Season 4.

1. Revenant looks fast and powerful

Respawn EntertainmentRevenant looked both fast and powerful in the Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer.

Although the trailer stopped short of revealing the exact details of Revenant’s three abilities, it showed enough footage of the Legend in action to pretty much confirm what they are.

The gameplay coincided heavily with the abilities that had been previously leaked for the characters. His ultimate, Death Recall, makes him and his teammates impervious to death, his tactical, Poison Bomb, is a lethal object he throws that causes damage to nearby enemies, and his passive, Infiltrator, allows him to move and climb walls faster.


Considering how powerful and fast Revenant looked in the trailer, it’s clear that Respawn is warning players not to take him lightly.

This, of course, comes on top of already-existing concerns about the Legend’s wiry shape, with some players worrying that his hitboxes could be too difficult to strike consistently, especially if he can move around so quickly like that.

2. Massive changes to World’s Edge map

Respawn EntertainmentThe massive new Planet Harvester is the biggest addition to the World’s Edge map in Season 4.

While it’s true that Respawn did say “big” map changes were coming in Season 4, not many expected the changes to be as massive as the ones they’ve decided to implement.


There are several new points-of-interest, including Planet Harvester and Survey Camp, while Capitol City has been split in two, forming two zones called Fragment East and Fragment West.

Those are just the confirmed changes; there are bound to be other small and minor tweaks to the map that will become much more clear once the season launches.


3. In-game strategies will likely change

Respawn EntertainmentThe new Weapon Racks in Survey Camp could incentivize players to land at the smaller POI in Season 4.

As with every battle royale, higher-level players in Apex Legends usually have strategies and plans for things like where to land, what kind of loot to look for, rotations, and other facets of the game.

With all the changes that are being implemented, particularly having to do with the map, these strategies could begin looking a lot different.

For example, the new Survey Camp is a smaller POI with less loot than some other more appealing locations, but it does feature the new Weapon Racks that will contain guaranteed guns for players to pick up right off the bat.

So, players will now have to decide whether they want to land at a hotter drop for loot or go with the quieter Survey Camp and get a good weapon.

Respawn EntertainmentThe addition of a large fissure in Capitol City will change up how teams play in the area.

There’s also the large fissure that split Capitol City into the two zones. The only way players can cross this giant crack is either by using the provided zip-line and fallen skyscraper bridge or the Ultimate Ability of either Octane or Pathfinder.

Also, falling into the gap won’t be fatal, as Respawn have added a new mechanic called Updraft that will lift whoever stumbles over the ledge back to safety. To balance things out, players who fall in will get 25 damage and be slowly hovered out, meaning they could be sitting ducks for a few moments.

Changes like these are what will affect rotations and how players prepare for gunfights, as falling into the fissure could end up becoming a strategy for those who are desperate to survive.

4. Sentinel sniper rifle looks usable

Respawn EntertainmentThe Sentinel sniper rifle will be the new weapon introduced in Apex Legends Season 4.

As has been the case for Seasons 1-3, the fourth chapter of Apex Legends will introduce a brand new weapon – a sniper rifle called Sentinel.

While we didn’t get too long of a look at it in the gameplay trailer, it was enough to suggest that this could be a very usable bolt-action sniper that will be effective at both medium and long ranges.

We also got a peek at what appeared to be the weapon’s special ability – a function that allows players to charge up a shot by consuming a Shield Battery while wielding the gun.

5. Potential rivalry brewing between Legends

Respawn EntertainmentCould we really see the Apex Legends split into factions in Season 4?

This theory is actually courtesy of popular Apex Legends data-miner and content creator ‘That1MiningGuy,’ who believes that one of the biggest takeaways from the trailer, in terms of the game’s story and lore, is that there are factions forming.

After taking a look at how some of the characters were portrayed in the video, he came to the conclusion that there’s a divide forming between them, based around their allegiance to or hatred for the entities that control the Apex Games.

For example, he proposed that Wraith, Crypto, Lifeline, Caustic, and Revenant “all have a reason to hate/fear the Syndicate and Hammond,” whereas Wattson and unreleased Legends like Loba and Blisk could be on the side of those groups.

While this is certainly pure speculation and not definitive, That1MiningGuy looks at it as a possible explanation for why Hammond was “suddenly coming onto the scene, out of nowhere,” and that Respawn “loves hiding stuff in plain sight like this for people to try and put together the puzzle.”

Apex Legends Season 4 launches on Tuesday, February 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While the release time hasn’t been announced, it’s expected to be around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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Pathfinder Grapple “buff” in Apex Legends is actually a nerf

Published: 7/Oct/2020 11:44 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 11:46

by Calum Patterson


After months of waiting, Pathfinder mains were excited to try out his new and improved grapple in Apex Legends, following the Aftermarket update. But, it turns out that it wasn’t actually an improvement at all.

Pathfinder’s grapple previously had a much shorter cooldown, only 15 seconds. This meant that in any given engagement, Pathfinder would likely be able to shoot his grapple multiple times.


This was eventually deemed too strong, and the cooldown was increased to 35 seconds, essentially reducing it to one use per engagement (unless it’s a particularly long firefight).

Immediately, Pathfinder mains complained that this was far too long a cooldown, and the character’s pick rate plummeted in Season 5.

apex legends pathfinder
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder has been a less-than-popular pick since his nerf – and this new update isn’t helping.

Respawn confirmed ahead of the Aftermarket event that Pathfinder would be getting some “love” in the update, and it certainly was a big change. Whether it was “love” or not, is now up for debate though.

Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown now depends on how far the player grapples. A shorter distance = a shorter cooldown. In the patch notes, Respawn explained: “the maximum cooldown is still 35s, but you’re going to have to swing a very long distance to get there.”

This was actually a suggestion that came from Reddit. But, back on Reddit after the update, players are not totally convinced this is really a buff at all, as demonstrated by u/laughie1:


As demonstrated, this rather small distance pre-patch, would result in the standard 35 second cooldown. But, the Cooldown began immediately after the grapple was launched.

Post-patch, 1) the cooldown doesn’t begin until the player lands, and 2) the timer for the length of the grapple continues to increase even after the grapple has disconnected.

As the player explains, “If you get the cooldown to 35 seconds, the countdown starts when you hit the ground, not when you first grapple, basically making your grapple cooldown 4-5 seconds longer then before the “buff”.”


To make matters worse, if you land into a slide, the timer will continue to hold at 35 seconds, and won’t start counting down until you stop sliding.

It’s not clear if this functionality was intended by the developers. They’ve already identified and are working on a fix for a visual bug related to the grapple, but this issue seems to be hard-coded into the new design of the cooldown system.