Dragon Ball Super just started one of the most highly anticipated fights ever

Anthony McGlynn
Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has kicked off a truly momentous battle, with Goku and Gohan, father and son, squaring off in a test of might that should echo through the franchise.

We’ve had a lot of incredible fights in Dragon Ball. It’s probably the anime show best known for them; from Goku vs Freiza to Gohan vs Cell, and everyone against Broly, Akira Toriyama has a penchant for epic battles. Occasionally we get one that’s above the norm, as it places fan-favorite characters against each other to settle who’s more powerful.

Goku and Vegeta have been subject to this for years, since in-universe, Vegeta has always wanted to defeat Goku so he can be safe in the knowledge he’s the most powerful Saiyan. Alas, the Dragon Ball Super Chapter doesn’t feature that, but another long-awaited grudge match: Goku vs his son, Gohan

Ultra Instinct Goku and Gohan Beast are fighting in Dragon Ball Super

After the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, where Gohan literally unlocked Beast Mode. Much like when he became Super Saiyan 2, Beast Gohan’s power level is unprecedented, and Goku detected it on Beerus’s planet, where he’s been sparring with Vegeta.

Seeing his son has a new form, Goku decided to bring him over to see what’s what. Goten and Trunks accompany Gohan, and Goku enters his Ultra Instinct form to push Beast Gohan to his limits. From the jump, it’s clear this is power beyond what we’ve seen before, since everyone nearly loses their footing watching.

Beerus doesn’t love watching his planet get wrecked, like every other location that harbors a Z Fighter confrontation, but he might be waiting a while for them to finish. They’re practically equal in this chapter, so the escalation in ki will start soon to see who truly has the upper hand.

We’ve only seen the start so far, and knowing Dragon Ball, there’s plenty more to come as Goku finds out what his son is made of. Who knows, maybe it’ll take us right up to the premiere of Dragon Ball Daima, the latest anime show featuring the Z Fighters.

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