How to create a garden for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)

While making your own garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a priority for many players, it is actually possible to make a nice one for each of your villagers too.

One of the biggest challenges in all Animal Crossing games is trying to decide how to decorate your town, and New Horizons is definitely no exception. Especially since it comes with many more customization features than previous entries in the series – fences, terraforming, and being able to place furniture outside being just three new things you can do.

Players will often try and give their houses a nice garden to add some decor to the neighborhood, especially if they’ve managed to pay off Tom Nook’s loan – why not celebrate being debt-free by making yourself your very own front yard? While that’s as far as it goes for some, you can actually give your villagers their own, too.

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New Horizons villager gardens

Reddit user ‘Surfiee‘ shared a video on April 17 that showed just how you can achieve a gorgeous front yard for your villagers – even giving each one their own fence for a true sense of privacy, and making them all different, too.

In the clip, every garden consists of the same layout, but is personalized for each animal with their own outdoor furniture, flowers, and type of tree. They gave each character their own trash can as well, because after all, nobody likes a communal bin, do they?

All the houses are placed next to each other to create a neighborhood of sorts, which looks really beautiful and is a genius way of creating more space around your island for other attractions.

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The user also shared the layout of their gardens in a separate comment, making it easier for players to mimic their creations in their own games. If you remember that each house takes up a 4×3 grid, plotting everything around that is easy.

Each yard consists of a total space of 9×8 tiles, including the fence, and allows space for a flower patch, pathways, a tree, and outdoor furniture.

Obviously you don’t need to follow this with 100% accuracy, but it makes for a useful guide when figuring out how to set up and style your villagers’ gardens.

Reddit: Surfiee
Surfiee’s layout plan is a great base for figuring out how you want the gardens to look.

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One of the other tools introduced in New Horizons is terraforming, which is a Nook Phone tool that allows players to manipulate the layout of their towns by editing the rivers and cliffs.

Combine this with making a perfect neighborhood for your housing and you’ve got an impressive island everyone will be jealous of.