Epic Animal Crossing crossover turns New Horizons into a Zelda dungeon


Two Nintendo franchises, Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda, merge in a brilliant fan-made crossover that brings one of the RPG’s dungeons to New Horizons.

The Zelda games are famous for their intricate dungeons that are littered with various enemies, challenges, and puzzles. It’s one of the most popular Nintendo franchises for good reason – and that’s because it’s charmed and captivated players since 1986.

Another beloved series, Animal Crossing, has also proven to be insanely cherished since its release in the West in 2002. Its life simulation gameplay provides a relaxing getaway for those that want to live a peaceful life in a small town. Now, one fan has combined the two games and created a Zelda island in New Horizons that’s heavily inspired by a dungeon.

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Zelda and Animal Crossing is the perfect crossover.

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Zelda dungeon in New Horizons

Reddit user ‘PairofCellos33‘ shared a video of their island on April 17, showing players just what can be accomplished with a creative mind, a Zelda obsession, and the new terraforming feature – a tool that allows complete manipulation of cliffs and rivers for a true way of customizing your town.

They started the tour by jumping across gaps in order to enter the dungeon, before squeezing between some barrels that were just begging to be smashed open for rupees in true Link style, and ran through a small maze of sorts.

The path then took them up a flight of stairs, before they jumped across several platforms in order to reach a Fairy fountain – or, in this case, a well placed as a piece of outdoor furniture. In the LoZ games, the fountains can usually be found by bombing a wall, and a Fairy will heal all of your health.

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The player progressed forward through an area with lots of pots, AKA a pleasure room for Link, before heading up another incline and jumping across more platforms – very fitting for a Zelda dungeon.

They then hopped across more tiles, down a long corridor with waterfalls on each side, and at the end, a giant monster sat waiting for them – think Divine Beast Vah Rudania from Breath of the Wild.

While the creature was, in fact, just a monster statue that can be ordered from Tom Nook’s catalogue using your Nook Miles, it still made for an epic end to the experience.

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