Dream Suite might be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon


Players wanting a way to have visitors to their Animal Crossing islands without the fear of anyone messing with stuff might have their prayers answered soon if a recent datamine turns out to be true – the Dream Suite could be headed to New Horizons.

The Dream Suite was first introduced to the series in New Leaf in 2013, and allowed fans to visit other people without the worry of anyone destroying someone’s hard work. It was a place where players could go to “fall asleep” and dream of other places by using a special code, with none of the changes made in the towns saving once they woke up.

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New Horizons doesn’t have a feature like that, and many players have reported that others have come into their towns with the promise of being respectful but then have stolen items, ruined flowers, and more. Luckily, if a recent datamine turns out to be true, that could all be about to change.

Luna runs the Dream Suite.

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Dream Suite in New Horizons

Notorious Animal Crossing dataminer Ninji, who was responsible for the Leif, museum, and Jolly Redd leaks, has shared some more of his findings – and this time, it seems like the dreamy feature could be on the way.

In the 1.1.0 update, he found code called ‘DreamID’ and while he didn’t think much of it at the time, the 1.2.0 April patch added a string called ‘ActorNetDreamLand.’ Put both of these together, and that’s a pretty big hint at what could be coming.

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According to the dataminer, the addition also includes code that sends a pack of data to Nintendo’s servers – something that the Dream Suite in New Leaf did when players visited other towns in their sleep.

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States like ‘cGetId,’ ‘cUpload,’ ‘cDownloadHeader,’ ‘cDownloadIsland,’ and ‘cReflectSave’ were also found, which also supports the theory since uploading and downloading towns is a part of the dream feature.

Ninji did express, however, that his findings shouldn’t be taken as 100% true as it’s just an assumption he’s made based on what he unearthed – who knows, it could be for something completely different, or for something that was toyed with in development but never explored further.

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