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Another item duping glitch found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Published: 7/May/2020 22:28

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A second item duplicating glitch has been found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, although this one is a bit more limited than the first as it only allows players to clone a specific type of object.

Shortly after New Horizons released in March, a glitch that allowed items to be duplicated was found. Although it was quickly patched by Nintendo, the damage was already done and some players scored themselves millions of Bells by cloning some of the game’s most expensive items and selling them for a quick buck.

Now, a second copying bug has been discovered – though, this time, it’s very specific and only works with objects of a certain size. Still, some of the items can quickly rack up money, making it another potentially economy-breaking exploit in the life simulator.


YouTube: Artificial Switch
The exploit is a bit more complicated than the last one.

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Animal Crossing item cloning glitch

The discovery was made by YouTuber ‘Artificial Switch’ who shared a video on how the trick works and the specific process behind it. You’ll need a 2×1 and a 2×2 table, and the 2×1 item you’d like to duplicate. A popular choice are the wooden low and wooden block tables – though you can use any that fit the size.

Place the tables in the middle of the first room in your house, making sure the item you want to clone is placed on the smaller one. Press the down arrow on the D-Pad of your controller to enter placement mode, and move the smaller piece of furniture to another side of the big one without rotating it yourself – drop it while it’s overlapping slightly and it’ll rotate automatically.


Repeat the above steps three times, and then exit the room. Upon re-entering, you should see a copy of whatever item you placed on the small table alongside the original one. While only 2×1 pieces of furniture work, the great white shark model sells for 45,000 Bells, the whale shark model for 39,000, and the arapaima model for 30,000 – making those three great options for making some sweet, sweet money.

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Nintendo will probably be quick to patch the exploit out like they were with the first glitch, so be sure to be quick to the draw if you’re interested in profiting off of it.


Though just bare in mind that although there haven’t been any punishments for duping items as of yet, it’s unclear as to whether it could happen in the future so do this at your own risk.