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Animal Crossing ‘Museum Gift Shop’ is perfect for extra fossils

Published: 1/May/2020 2:36

by Alan Bernal


Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have probably run into the same fossils a few times over, making a ‘Museum Gift Shop’ that takes care of the extra bones all the more welcome.

The idea would be a streamlined way of converting fossils that can’t be donated to Blathers into miniature sets of themselves – an idea akin to the red lizard named Flick who already performs that task but with insects instead.

But since Blathers doesn’t provide that service in his museum, user ‘Kyriearashi’ created another shop with a brand new villager to pick up the slack and finally give players a way to use all of those extra fossils.


A Museum Gift Shop would let people unload their extra fossils.

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They started by introducing Bubs, a white owl who has an affinity for Celeste and the curator for the Museum Gift Shop.

Where Blathers doesn’t give people a way to dump their fossils, Bubs would welcome them with open arms since he can convert them into miniature models of the larger picture.

The Animal Crossing community was instantly taken by the character as well as all of the possibilities that this could have for decorating and getting new items.

I made a really quick concept for a Museum Gift Shop, including a new character who uses your extra fossils. from AnimalCrossing

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“This is such a cute concept! I love the character (and his little crush on Celeste),” user ‘InfiniteDandelions’ said. “It’d be a cool way to use spare fossils, and I’d totally buy that Starry Night umbrella.”


Along with the concept, Bubs and his shop would also sell museum-themed clothing, equipment and furniture. From the rough concept that Kyriearashi created, there were already designs that sparked other players’ interests.

But it wouldn’t be an Animal Crossing addition without adorable extras that the developers sneak in behind the scenes. True-to-form, Bubs would have a crush on Celeste, so when she’s in town, the white owl will try to “pluck up the courage to talk to her.”

Bubs would run a wing of the Blathers Museum.

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With the number of fossils in the game, players are bound to run into the same one a couple of times. There’s an option to just display them outright, but that takes up a ton of valuable space on your island.


Having an option to scale down the fossils with a Museum Gift Shop that has those services would expand the customization possibilities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.