WoW fans are angry that carry services are still “ruining” the game

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Although Blizzard has given attention to the issue in the past, World of Warcraft fans remain angry that carry services are still “ruining” the game.

Ever since the game’s initial release back in 2004, carry services and the like have been synonymous with WoW, and in the video game genre that is an MMORPG, players will always look for ways to make their in-game life easier.

There have been several services throughout the game’s lifespan that have fans pay real-life money in exchange for gold, items, gear, and more. All of these have always been against Blizzard’s Terms of Service.

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That didn’t stop the servicers though, as regardless of whether they break the rules the websites still remain determined to continue their services even if it’s to the detriment to the game’s players.

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Carry services or “boosting services” have become problematic for the game’s population

WoW fans are still angry over carry services promoting on group finder

One of the ways carry services manage to promote themselves is through the game’s “looking for group” or “group finder” tool. A tool normally used for finding players to perform dungeons or raids ended up being utilized by the websites. In response, Blizzard made it so players had to have an Authenticator on their account to be able to list their group.

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Although it slowed down the process, the issue has still remained and apparently, the servicers are getting smarter.

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Brought up by Reddit user Emerno on the official WoW subreddit, the Redditor claims that some of the websites are staying “listed for more than 24 hours straight” and are “likely botting to stay logged in”.

Like carry services, bots being in WoW comes to no surprise, they sometimes go hand in hand. The process of botting allows for a player to have their character perform what would otherwise be mundane tasks such as increasing profession levels, participating in battlegrounds for honor, and more. But in this case, they’re being used to avoid the game’s AFK system that kicks users out of the game after a certain amount of inactivity.

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This comes to the dismay of the game’s fans, causing angry replies in the Reddit thread. “I like how they are not even trying to hide [it],” said one. “[The] worst part is all the changes to group finder like requiring level 50 and now the authenticator plus SMS didn’t stop it,” said another WoW fan. “It just made the sellers spend a little extra and inconvenienced players more.

Carry services promoting themselves in several of the channels that players use to find groups has never been a secret. Only time will tell if Blizzard will crack down on the issue even more.

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