Infamous “factionless” WoW player DoubleAgent immortalized as Hearthstone card

André González Rodríguez. Last updated: Dec 12, 2021
DoubleAgent in Hearthstone

Infamous World of Warcraft player DoubleAgent has been immortalized as a Hearthstone card, giving his name even more meaning.

The card game based on the popular MMORPG is certainly no stranger to having cards referring to known players throughout WoW’s history.

With a 17-year long existence, WoW has had the privilege to bring a plethora of famous personalities across the years: streamers, esports pros, pro-raiders, montage makers, you name it.

One of these known players is one that made his name known in the community in a very unique way.

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DoubleAgent immortalized as a Hearthstone card

The factionless Pandaren – or DoubleAgent as he’s known – first made his name when WoW’s Mists of Pandaria expansion was released. He was the first person to ever reach the game’s max level without choosing a faction as neutral leveling wasn’t possible until then.

After completing the initial quests in the Pandaren starting zone, players can pledge themselves to either Alliance or Horde. It was thought to be impossible to circumvent this decision in order to reach max level until a new method was found.

Utilizing the mining and herbalism professions, DoubleAgent managed to get to max level bit by bit as both of these gathering professions give a small amount of experience all the way to max level.

This feat garnered DoubleAgent his much-needed praise in the form of a Hearthstone card. Sporting both of the faction’s uniforms, DoubleAgent can be used by the Rogue class. The card contains a Battlecry effect in which allows the user to copy a card of another class if that card is held. 

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has done something like this, and it certainly won’t be the last. With cards such as Leeroy Jenkins and many others, the developer will surely continue the trend.