Best Cypher Spycam spots in Valorant to outplay enemies

Published: 1/Nov/2020 16:08 Updated: 1/Nov/2020 16:15

by Luke Edwards


Cypher is Valorant’s one-man surveillance network with the power to provide valuable intel, so these handy tricks will give you the inside scoop so you can stay one step ahead of your opposite number. 

As one of the only sentinels in the game right now, Cypher has spent his fair share of time in the spotlight. He’s dominated the meta with his ability to gain information on his opponents and give his team positional advantages.

Riot has been repeatedly forced into patching the Sentinel’s glitches, including this game-breaking Spycam exploit which allowed him to gun down enemies via the camera. There was also another exploit that literally gave him a leg-up on his opponents.

Cypher's abilities as they appear in Valorant's closed beta.
Riot Games
Cypher’s Spycam Signature Ability has been a nightmare for developers to get right.

Bugs aside, Cypher dominates the competitive meta in Valorant — and with good reason. Players who have got to grips with the surveillance expert can single-handedly hold a Reactor Site with their array of traps and recon utility.

Although, Cypher’s Spycam is often easily destroyed depending on just how sneaky players are when placing it. That’s where these nifty spots come into play.

We’ve put together a round up of some of the best spots to place Cypher’s camera. These spots will give you the best vantage points and also keep your camera out of sight.

Cypher gltich on Split.
TheNeoStrike (Reddit)
This spot on Split was tweaked in an earlier patch, but there are plenty of other sneaky spots to utilize.

Best Spycam spots on Bind in Valorant

Here are a couple of examples of some clever spots which any Cypher main can utilize, to gather essential intel which can alter the course of a round.

This spot in A Showers/Bath, where Cyphers can place their Spycam on the lightshade, is tough for the enemy to spot as they walk in from A-Long. This could save vital player resources, as your team will no longer need to dedicate an Agent to prevent early control of this area.

Over on B site, u/ZACORT420 discovered a spot that provides coverage of both B site and B long. It takes a bit of practice to get right, but the payoff is huge.

Meanwhile, this spot, displayed by u/Zachattack6089, is slightly easier to execute, but also more likely to be spotted out.

They both cover similar areas, so knowing how to execute each of them can be a useful trick to have up your sleeve and keep opponents guessing.


There are spots for your Spycam on other maps too. This Ascent spot, discovered by u/jolo_mat2008, takes a bit of practice to execute, but it can provide coverage of B main while also being hard for attackers to spot out.

The bottom line with Cypher cams is to mix up the locations as much as possible. Keeping opponents guessing is the best way to gain an advantage for your team.

Call of Duty

Warzone Season 2 early patch notes: Ship POI, 2 new weapons, map changes, more

Published: 25/Feb/2021 1:10 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 1:18

by Calum Patterson


Not long left until Season Two of Warzone kicks off later tonight, so we’ve got everything you need to know about the new update, including new points of interest on the Verdansk map, two weapons, modes, and more.

A new season means new content for Call of Duty’s prized battle royale game. Warzone is set to receive a brand new POI in the shape of a large cargo tanker, along with other undisclosed changes to Verdansk. A couple of new modes will also be making their debut, as well as the FARA 83 assault rifle and LC-10 SMG.

On top of all this new stuff, Raven Software are also making changes to the game and adding in fixes for several bugs. All of the details can be found in the official Season 2 patch notes below.

New Warzone locations in Season 2: Ship POI & map changes

Tanker ship POI in Warzone Season 2.
New cargo tanker ship POI coming to Warzone in Season 2!

First and foremost, Verdansk is getting some major new points of interest in what feels like forever, starting with the Vodianoy cargo tanker ship that’s approaching the Port. The tanker is said to be carrying “unknown cargo,” so players will be able to access it for loot, although it could end up being a hot spot early in the season.

That’s not the only new POI in Season 2, but it’s the only one we know of right now. Activision said that “something major is beginning to rumble deep underground” within Verdansk and that players can explore these areas at their own risk since further intel is currently “classified.”

New Warzone weapons in Season 2: FARA 83 & LC-10

FARA 83 in Season 2
The FARA 83 assault rifle can be unlocked by reaching Tier 15 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Black Ops Cold War is set to receive six new weapons in Season 2, which means that they’ll all be available in Warzone as well due to the two games’ integration within each other.

Two of those weapons will be released right at the launch of S2 – the FARA 83 assault rifle and LC-10 SMG. The FARA 83 is a remake of the iconic Galil AR from previous Black Ops titles, while the LC-10 is a brand new addition to the series.

The FARA can be unlocked by reaching Tier 15 of the S2 Battle Pass while the LC-10 is available after Tier 31.

LC-10 SMG in Season 2
The brand new LC-10 SMG is available at Tier 31 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

New Warzone modes in Season 2

Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme

Rebirth Island is about to get wild in Season 2!

Rebirth Island’s new Resurgence Extreme mode will be available right away when Season 2 launches. This is essentially the current Resurgence mode but on steroids, increasing the player count up to 90!

“The high-octane, respawn-enabled Resurgence mode on Rebirth Island will be taken to the extreme during Season Two, upping the max player count in the limited-time Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme mode. Up to 90 players can drop onto Rebirth Island for an incredibly frenetic fight for supremacy, as they look to eliminate every last member of enemy squads to prevent them from getting a second, third, or even forth chance at revenge.

Just like Resurgence, squad members can spawn back in if their Rebirth Countdown hits zero and at least one of their allies is still alive, and specific Caches around the map will refresh their items frequently to ensure there is no shortage of firepower around the island.”


Warzone Season 2’s new Exfiltration mode will be played on Verdansk.

Exfiltration is a new mode that will be played on Verdansk. It will be added in-season, meaning it won’t be available at the start of Season 2.

“It’s about time that the exfil chopper arrives before the Circle Collapse fully closes in. During an Exfiltration Battle Royale, a portable radio crackles into life, coming online somewhere in Verdansk. The Operator who secures this radio and holds onto it for a sufficient period of time automatically wins the game for them (or their squad, in non-Solo modes). To ensure their exfil isn’t by the book, anyone holding the radio is marked on the Tac Map as if they were under a Most Wanted Contract (also known as an HVT or High Value Target) with all Operators also receiving intel on how much longer the current radio holder has until they win. Other than this new win condition, the same Battle Royale rules apply. Expect a circle collapse and a winner to be determined by last Operator or squad standing, should nobody receive an early exfil with the radio.”

When is Warzone Season 2? Update release date & time

Both the Warzone Season 2 update and all of the new Season 2 content will be hitting live servers at the same time: February 24 at 9PM PT.

Here are the release times around the world:

  • February 24
    • 9:00 PM PT
    • 11:00 PM CT
  • February 25
    • 12:00 AM ET
    • 5:00 AM GMT (UK)
    • 6:00 AM CET (EU)
    • 4:00 PM AEDT (Australia)

For more details about the new content for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Zombies, make sure to check out the BOCW Season 2 Patch Notes and our “What’s new in Black Ops Cold War Season 2” page.