The Witcher Blood Origin Episode 2 ending explained

Princess Merwyn in The Witcher Blood OriginNetflix

The Witcher Blood Origin Episode 2 ends on a monstrous cliffhanger – let’s break down what happened at the ending.

Blood Origin began with a sprawling episode, setting up all the different players in the eventual Conjunction of the Spheres, a cosmic collision that’ll bring the worlds of elves, humans, and monsters together.

At the end of Episode 1, we saw Éile, Fjall, and Scian decide to team up to kill Merwyn, the new Queen of Xin’trea who usurped the throne with the support of Balor and her brother Eredin.

Episode 2 is easier to follow while establishing Balor as a major character to be reckoned with, and leaving our unlikely heroes in a sticky spot for the penultimate chapter.

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The Witcher Blood Origin Episode 2 ending explained

Let’s deal with our main trio. They went to Daédwóde to seek more bodies to strengthen their team; “sellswords”, they call them. However, they arrive to find the town basically deserted, and when they go to the bank, they realize they’re the most valuable things in the town as a result of the bounty on their heads.

Armed forces soon arrive to take them out. Thankfully, they fail, but they land a near-deadly blow on Scian. In the forest, they meet Callan, also known as Brother Death, who takes them to a healer through Zacaré’s Mists, which induce nightmarish visions of death, violence, sex, sickness, and more.

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When they emerge, they meet Syndril and Zacaré, who patch Scian up. Syndril reveals that his whole family was killed by Merwyn and Balor’s beast and the plans to unite the monoliths, which are already causing tears between worlds.

“We have mere suns before our world is ripped apart,” he warns. They hatch a plan to use a monolith to travel straight into the palace courtyard, allowing them to avoid the guards, kill Merwyn and destroy the main monolith in Xin’trea before irreparable damage is caused to the universe.

However, something goes wrong – the monolith transports them to another world entirely. As they stand near a swamp, a horrifying monster leaps out of the water – like a mix of a caterpillar, piranha, and catfish – and starts speedily crawling toward them. This is where the episode ends.

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What about the other characters? Well, a key figure from the books is introduced: Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Machan, also known as Avallac’h, an elven sage who appears in The Witcher 3: Blood Hunt and the book. He’s enlisted by Merwyn as her protector and spy after defending her from an attacker.

She knows she’s expendable and likely the subject of an assassination plot by Balor and Eredin. Merwyn catches Eredin in out of the palace with his secret gay lover, and offers him a deal: he’ll grant his lover a place on her council in exchange for her brother siding with her again.

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Meanwhile, Balor visits the “arid world” with two children, who he sacrifices with little hesitation in order to acquire chaos magic. For a moment, he feels the weight of that power – but “mere tokens beget mere tastes… transformation requires true sacrifice,” he’s told, putting him back to square one.

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