The Batman 2: Barry Keoghan wants to return as the Joker

Barry Keoghan as the Joker in The BatmanWarner Bros.

While he’s yet to be confirmed for The Batman 2, Barry Keoghan wants to return as the Joker in a sequel.

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and marking Robert Pattinson’s debut, was a dark, gritty outing for the caped crusader, pitting him against Paul Dano’s serial killer Riddler.

While he dealt with the Riddler’s incel army, the flooding of Gotham City and the Penguin’s (Colin Farrell) rise to power amid the fall of Carmine Falcone, another villain was looming in the background.

It’s not really a spoiler anymore: yes, that was Barry Keoghan as the Joker, and he wants to come back and play the iconic Batman foe again.

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Barry Keoghan wants to return as the Joker

In a new interview with GQ, Barry Keoghan spoke about his experience playing the Joker in the film and whether he’d be open to returning for The Batman 2 or another sequel down the line.

“As soon as that call comes. I’m there man, I’m there,” The Banshees of Inisherin star said of reprising the role.

Keoghan originally wanted to play the Riddler, but by the time he met with the film’s producer, the role had been filled by Jonah Hill. It was later recast with Paul Dano.

Nevertheless, he asked the producer to watch his audition video. Four months later, he received a call from his agent. “The Batman wants you to play the Joker – but you cannot tell anyone,” he was told.

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When we meet the Joker, it’s brief. He comforts Dano’s Riddler after his explosive plan goes haywire, saying: “One day you’re on top, the next you’re a clown. Well, let me tell you, there are worse things to be.”

He laughs, and we catch glimpses of his grim makeup. A deleted scene between the Joker and Batman was released online shortly after the movie’s release, which has been viewed more than 10 million times.

Keoghan found a listicle ranking all of the Jokers and sent it to Reeves. “There were seven and I was number four. Lads, with four minutes of screen time, not bad eh?” he joked.

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