Sydney Sweeney reportedly playing Spider-Woman in Madame Web film

sydney sweeney spider-woman

Ahead of the release of the Madame Web film, reports claim that actor Sydney Sweeney will be playing Spider-Woman in the movie despite other rumors suggesting she will take on a different role.

Sony is set to expand the Spider-verse once again, with the upcoming Madame Web movie adapting a different set of comics to what audiences might be used to when it comes to the web-slinging series.

And with a star-studded cast including the likes of Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, many have been speculating who these big-name actors will be playing in the film. Now, it appears we have some more intel to go off.

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Sydney Sweeney reportedly playing Spider-Woman in Madame Web

In the most recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast, hosts Jeff Sneider and John Rocha discussed a variety of Superhero news and scoops. During the episode, the two highlighted the upcoming Madame Web film, claiming that Sydney Sweeney will in fact be playing Spider-Woman in the movie.

Sneider opened up the conversation by admitting that, “I am told, there’s been a lot of speculation as to what Sydney Sweeney’s role is going to be in the Marvel universe, she’s in Madame Web. I’m told she is, as rumored I guess, playing Spider-Woman.”

Sneider then went on to offer up his thoughts on the casting choice while also weighing in on if he thinks Sweeney will make a good Spider-Woman.

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“I think that Sydney Sweeney is a great choice for a big role like that, obviously she’s huge with Euphoria…I am told reliably that she is playing Spider-Woman. It’s interesting to wonder if Olivia Wilde is still going to direct that Spider-Woman movie or if it is going to end up being somebody else. Either way, I think it’s going to end up being Sydney Sweeney front and center.”

Rocha then added his own thoughts to the conversation, stating “I wonder if Madame Web is going to launch her into a Spider-Woman series.”

And while the two do confirm that they are unaware of which version of the character she will play, Sneider once again doubles down on the fact that she will be taking on the role in Madame Web. “I have it on good authority that she will be Spider-Woman.”

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