Multiple Spider-Women will be in Madame Web, along with Peter Parker’s parents

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Insider reports confirmed the cast of Sony’s upcoming Madame Web film, which brings multiple Spider-Women and Peter Parker’s parents into one universe.

Though Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, also known as the SSU, has gotten off to a rocky start, it’s clear Sony has interesting ideas for its SSU, especially after Venom’s Eddie Brock officially appeared in the MCU.

Sony’s Madame Web may add even more intrigue to the SSU by bringing together multiple fringe characters from the Spider-Man universe.

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Now, new reports have revealed the actors confirmed to portray the multiple Spider-Women set to appear in Madame Web, along with Peter Parker’s parents.

Madame Web cast confirmed

Thanks to insider reports published by, fans were able to get a glimpse into the heroes and villains set to appear in Madame Web.

While fans have known Dakota Johnson will portray the titular Madame Web, other actors like Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor are confirmed to be playing different incarnations of Spider-Woman.

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According to these reports, Sweeney will portray Julia Carpenter who has been both Spider-Woman and Madame Web in past Marvel comics.

O’Connor will portray Mattie Franklin, another incarnation of Spider-Woman from Marvel’s history.

Actor Isabela Merced will allegedly portray Anya Corazón, known as Spider-Girl in the comics.

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Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is set to appear in Madame Web as Julia Carpenter, who’s gone by both Spider-Woman and Madame Web before.

Though Spidey fans know Adam Scott had signed on to Madame Web, it was unclear just what role he would play in the SSU film.

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According to these reports, Adam Scott will portray Peter Parker’s father, Ben Parker, which will give fans the first look at a relatively younger Ben Parker since the Amazing Spider-Man films.

It seems actor Emma Roberts, who appeared “very pregnant” on set will play Mary Parker, Peter Parker’s mother.

Naturally, this suggests a newborn Peter Park may end up appearing in the SSU as well, which could make for some wild implications down the line.

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With Madame Web’s all-star cast bringing in various major players from the Spider-Man universe into the fold, the SSU may be taking big strides with its next film entry.

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