Does Ellie’s horse die in The Last of Us Episode 8? Fate of Callus explained

Chris Tilly
The horse Callus in The Last of Us.

The Last of Us Episode 8 sees Ellie searching for food then being chased while riding a horse. But does the animal die? And how does it connect to the video game? Read on to find out.

Fans of The Last of Us game were loving the cameo of a horse called Shimmer in Episode 6 of the HBO show, because they recognised the animal from The Last of Us Part 2.

There was then more horse action in Episode 6, with Joel and Ellie escaping from the University on a different horse. One that doesn’t get named in the show, but fulfils a similar role to Callus in the first game.

That animal plays a more prominent role in Episode 8, so BEWARE OF SPOILERS FOR THE GAME AND SHOW AHEAD…

What happens to Callus in the game?

In the game, Joel initially uses Callus to follow after a runaway Ellie with Tommy, and then takes the horse when he and Ellie leave Jackson. Ellie actually names the horse Callus, much to Joel’s dismay.

Callus helps them identify “runners,” nearly gets stolen by the raiders at the University, and carries the pair to safety when Joel becomes injured.

While Joel recuperates, Ellie uses Callus to search for food. On one such trip, they come into contact with a group of cannibals led by a man called David, who were actually the men from the University. This ultimately leads to Callus being shot, falling off a cliff, dying, and maybe even being eaten by said cannibals.

What happens to Ellie’s horse in The Last of Us?

At the end of Episode 6, Joel steals a horse from the Jackson settlement. Though his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) says he would have given him one.

Joel and Ellie ride off together, and after Joel gets hurt at the University, Ellie forages for food and supplies atop the horse in Episode 8 much like in the game. Meaning this is very much Callus that she is riding.

When the cannibals come calling, Ellie flees on horseback, but James (Troy Baker) shoots at the pair, hitting Callus and killing the poor animal.

David orders a couple of men to “drag the horse” back to their settlement. The next time we see Callus, the animal’s dead body is on the floor of a barn, next to some human corpses that have been strung up. Doubtless for the cannibals’ next meal.

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