How to customize app icons with TikTok shortcut

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Are you trying to add photo shortcuts to your favourite apps like TikTok? If you’re trying to give your apps some style, here’s how you can add some personality to your home-screen.

TikTok is slicker than ever before thanks to the arrival of Apple’s latest iOS software. The new update, iOS 16, has added a range of fantastic new features for customization.

While you’ve probably already tinkered with the sleek lock-screen widget options, TikToker’s are already giving out useful tips on how to truly get the most of iOS 16.

If you fancy giving your home-screen an overhaul, here’s how to add photos to your apps.

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How to add photos to your app shortcuts

With iOS 16 adding new features across iPhones and the Apple Watch range respectively, one element that has enticed users is the improved customization options. Application icons can swapped out, ensuring that they tie-in with your chosen aesthetic.

Though the feature was originally introduced with iOS 12, the lean design of iOS 16 lends itself nicely to this clever app.

an image of ios 12 shortcuts tiktokApple
The Shortcuts app was first introduced within iOS 12.

If you want to change the application icon for apps like TikTok, then follow these steps to customize their appearance:

  1. Open up the ‘Shortcuts’ application
  2. Click ‘Add Action’
  3. Tap the prompt for ‘Scripting’
  4. Under ‘All Apps’ click ‘Open App’
  5. Tap ‘Choose’ and find your desired app of choice
  6. Once you’ve chosen an app, click the three dots in the top right
  7. Enter a shortcut name and add a photo of your choice
  8. Input a ‘Home Screen Name’

Now you’re able to customize your iPhone to your liking. While third party apps have attempted to enact this feature for years, Apple has finally taken action to give users a dedicated means of curating their app icons.

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