Marques Brownlee reveals surprising winner of blind Smartphone camera test

Pixel 6AGoogle

Marques Brownlee’s infamous yearly blind smartphone camera test revealed yet another surprising winner this year, and it’s not the iPhone 14 Pro or Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Smartphone cameras are a strange little thing, as innovations in smartphone design have begun to slow down, tech manufacturers have turned their eyes to wage a war on a new front. The back of your phone.

With the advent of computational photography, it’s no longer just about megapixel counts or sensor sizes, but also how your smartphone processes images.

Many companies do this to some degree of success. However, Marques Brownlee‘s blind smartphone camera tests have showcased some surprising results, including some unconscious biases that you might have toward what kinds of images you like.

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The YouTuber gathered data from a bespoke website, with users undergoing a rigorous voting process. To clear up any biases, there were no identifiers with regard to what images you were choosing and the smartphone associated with them.

After a round of gathering data, Marques Brownlee showcased the results on his YouTube channel, and the results are bound to raise more than a few eyebrows. No flagship smartphone from the larger manufacturers topped the list, and we have one unlikely winner.

The Pixel 6A comes out on top

Google’s Pixel 6A appears to have won the test overall, showcasing great performance in the vast majority of challenging shooting scenarios. However, the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro didn’t even come close to the top. Instead, Google’s Pixel 7 Pro was given that particular grace.

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This is incredibly surprising, especially because the Pixel 6A is also a budget handset that can be had for less than $500.

So, for any users looking to take some of the best smartphone photos without bringing around a dedicated camera, there’s now definitive proof out there that most people believe that this phone takes the best photos from a smartphone.