Incredible Nakamichi Punch Bluetooth speaker plummets to lowest price ever

Jitendra Soni
Nakamichi Punch Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In a wild deal on Woot, the Nakamichi Punch Bluetooth speaker is available at a never-before-seen price of below $60.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are probably the second most important gadget, after your phone, to tag along when you’re heading out to spend quality time with friends or family.

It’s an added advantage if the Bluetooth speaker offers audiophile-grade sound output and an extra-long battery life. This is why the deal at Woot, which makes the Nakamichi Punch Bluetooth speaker extremely affordable for a limited time, is a way better deal than you might think.

This portable speaker is available for over $100 at most places, including Amazon and almost every other shopping platform, but you can get it from Woot for just $60 until March 23.

Is this the best portable Bluetooth speaker under $100?

At its regular price, Nakamichi Punch Bluetooth speaker is already an incredible-sounding Bluetooth speaker. But with the deal price of $60, this speaker punches way above its weight and is probably the best portable speaker under $100 right now.

Nakamichi Punch Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This rugged portable speaker comes with IP66-rated water and dust resistance. This is the highest level of waterproof protection and suggests that this speaker can withstand high-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as protection against dust.

The Nakamichi Punch Bluetooth speaker uses two 18W speakers and two 5W tweeters to produce room-filling sound. The company says that the Punch was created as part of its ongoing quest to compress the best possible sound in a portable form factor, and the speaker does exactly what it’s designed to.

Powering the speaker is a 7200 mAh battery that charges in six hours to offer non-stop music on demand. The speaker also comes integrated with a digital voice assistant to help you control the music with voice commands.

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