ASUS ROG’s new Neon Genesis Evangelion motherboard ships with major typo

ASUS ROG Evangelion collab ships with major typoAsus

ASUS ROG’s newest Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration motherboard has shipped out with a major typo printed on the board. 

ASUS’s collaboration with the ever-popular Neon Genesis Evangelion was wildly successful in its first run, which saw ASUS ROG deck out peripherals and PC parts in the iconic colors of EVA-01’s purple and green.

Continuing their success, ASUS saw fit to release another set of special edition peripherals and PC parts for the RTX 40 series era, this time in the colors of Asuka’s EVA-02

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However, it seems the launch has its hiccups, as a major typo was spotted in which Evangelion appears to be spelled wrong on the special edition motherboard. 

First spotted by tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents, he pointed out that on the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 edition motherboard, Evangelion was misspelled. 

Instead of the correct spelling of Evangelion, the text on the I/O heatsink reads “Evangenlion” instead, adding an unneeded ‘n’ to the word. 

Surprisingly, this typo can also be spotted in all the promotional images ASUS ROG has shared of the motherboards, with the typo appearing on their website

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The typo is also seen in product images of the special edition ROG motherboard, with the extra ‘n’ attached to the ‘Evangelion’. 

ASUS ROG Evangelion collab ships with major typoAsus
Product and promo images of the ROG Z790 Evangelion special edition have the same typo

However, it seems the only typo on the board is near the I/O heatsink, as no other typographies of ‘Evangelion’ have the same mistake on the motherboard or other special edition peripherals that we have checked. 

Admittedly, the typo is hard to spot as the text is on its side, however, it’s hard not to notice once it has been pointed out. And the chances of more users spotting the typo increase since you can swap out designs on the I/O shroud. 

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