How iDom became the most feared Street Fighter player

Shane King
Most Feared Street Fighter

Derek ‘iDom’ Ruffin, an online warrior from New York, has become the most decorated Street Fighter player of the last year – taking down some iconic competitors. 

His name, iDom, simply comes from his mission statement – I dominate – and he’s lived up to that mantra. Only three years after his first tournament outside of his home state, Ruffin has surged past legends and rising stars on his way to the top – becoming the most feared player in the game.

Over the course of his rise, iDom has always had a constant rival – Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley. Where it be in New York competitions or ones around the world, Punk would always be the roadblock that iDom struggled to get past due to Woodleys main ‘Karin’ countering iDom’s main ‘Laura’.

One of the big reasons why 2019 was so successful for the New York native was the fact that he adapted. iDom picked up Poison as a new character to add some range and zone control to his arsenal, considering Laura is all about being in fighters faces’ and dealing big damage.

This pick up came in clutch when iDom faced Punk in the final of the Capcom cup 2019 and defied the odds by resetting the bracket after being 2-0 down before then finally taking him down 3-1 in the final bracket of the event. With that, iDom had finally broken through the omnipresent roadblock that held him back and surged towards Street Fighter immortality.