Street Fighter 5 May 16 update patch notes: Luke nerf, SF5 bug fixes, character adjustments

Luke in Street Fighter 5Capcom

Capcom released a patch for Street Fighter 5 on May 15, 2022, addressing a litany of issues mainly concerning the game’s massive roster of characters.

While the player base had initially thought that the Definitive update would be one of the last significant patches for the storied fighting game, the latest update for the game has shown that was not the case.

Street Fighter 5‘s latest patch, version 202205, offers changes to a huge swath of the roster, including Luke, one of the best characters in the game at the moment, and general bug fixes caused by the last update.

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Here is everything from SF5’s latest patch.

Street Fighter 5 Capcom
The whole roster received changes to create a more balanced gameplay experience.

SF5 general balance adjustments

While most of the latest patch focuses on character combos and proper readjustments in that department, Capcom’s update also focuses on issues that came as a result of the previous Definitive update.

Here are the general bug fixes:


  • This update mainly provides fixes for existing issues, issues that resulted from the last adjustment, and moves to experience unintentional property changes.
  • Additionally, the issue of newly available combos not hitting certain characters has also been fixed.

SF5 Luke nerfed

While many other characters have been impacted and altered through this latest patch, one of the most significant changes comes in the form of Luke.

Luke has had a stranglehold on Street Fighter 5’s meta since his DLC release on November 29, 2021, with his intricate combos and cross-ups.

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But, after players have expressed their disdain for the UFC-based character, it appears Capcom has decided to nerf Luke to bring balance to the fighting game.

Here are the changes made to Luke:

  • We are reviewing some areas that were determined insufficient in the previous game-wide adjustment for Luke.
  • In the last adjustment, we increased the risk for low-risk/high-reward moves used to check opponents at mid-range and adjusted various moves to make it easier for opponents to respond to fully-committed fake outs.
  • Luke’s Crouching MK was one of the moves adjusted for this purpose, but we kept the risk increase modestly because it doesn’t have a large no-gauge return.
  • However, upon further review of the move’s reach and attack power when combined with an EX move, we determined that this adjustment was insufficient compared to the debuffs of other characters’ moves.
  • Similarly, Standing MK, which has low return when used as a normal attack but performs well when checking opponents, boasts high power with V-Trigger active so there isn’t really any reason to use a different move to check opponents when the V-Gauge is full.
  • For this reason, we’re reviewing the risk/return and will try to make the move’s use more situational.
  • We are decreasing the range of M. Sand Blaster, which, although risky, has wide coverage with few countermeasures for opponents. Additionally, we’ve increased Standing LP’s hit stop/blockstop to make it easier for opponents to respond to the move’s speed.
  • Standing LP Changed the hit stop/block stop frames from 8F to 12F.
  • Standing MK
  • Expanded the hurtbox during recovery.
  • Decreased the cancellation timing with V-Trigger and Rock Smasher by 4F.
  • Crouching MK
  • Changed the recovery from 14F to 18F when whiffed.
  • Expanded the hurtbox during recovery when whiffed.
  • M Sand Blaster Changed the active attack frames from 7F to 6F.

For the rest of the character’s impacted by the latest patch notes for Street Fighter 5 and other changes, be sure to check out the complete list here.

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