What’s in the Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass? All tiers & rewards

Smite x MonstercatHi Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios has partnered with Monstercat to bring Smite players an exclusive Battle Pass that features music-themed skins inspired by electronic artists.

While mastering a particular God and improving on your core mechanics are central to Smite’s gameplay, it’s also key players have a variety of impressive cosmetics they can collect.

Well, Hi-Rez Studios are looking to provide exactly that with their latest collaboration with Monstercat. The developers have teamed up with the label to create an exclusive Battle Pass that features skins inspired by popular electronic tracks.

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With four incredible new skins to pick up and over 60 tiers of rewards to unlock. let’s check exactly what’s available in the Battle Pass.

Monstercat Battle PassHi Rez Studios
The Monstercat Battle Pass was added to Smite on May 18.

Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass skins

While the Battle Pass is made of 60 tiers total, there are four new skins to collect all inspired by music artists. With Sullivan King Gilgamesh, Slushii Hades, Koven Chang’e, and Crab Rave Khepri all available.

Each of the Monstercat skins features music from the artist throughout the gameplay experience and even has unique ability sounds.

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God skins SmiteHi Rez Studios
All of the God skins available in the Monstercat Battle Pass.

Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass trailer

Hi-Rez Studios have released a trailer for the Monstercat Battle Pass which you can check out below.

Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass full rewards tier list







How much is the Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass?

The Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass will set players back 700 gems to start off at the first tier. This will give players access to the full 60 tiers and every reward shown in the track above.

So, there you have it, that’s everything inside the Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass and what rewards you can expect to unlock.

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