Final Fantasy & Square Enix games get up to massive 90% off at Humble

Ash Singh

RPG titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest and other games are now discounted up to 90% off during the Square Enix Humble sale.

For a limited time, you can score major savings on a wide catalog of classic and contemporary Square Enix role-playing franchises.

Over 80 title releases spanning beloved Final Fantasy entries, remixes of retro classics like Live A Live, or acclaimed modern series like NieR see discounts of up to 90% thanks to the Humble Square Enix Publisher Sale.

The biggest discount highlights Final Fantasy’s 30+ year legacy. Cherished hits like XV or VII Remake with extra content stay under $40, ready to catch newcomers up on stories set to continue.

Expanding the scope, masterpiece NieR: Automata asks players big existential questions about androids battling aliens for under $20. The modern remake of SNES gem Live A Live sees a major discount as well.

Diving deeper into Square Enix RPG deals, discover great value across catalog gems that are easy to overlook between Final Fantasy entries. For example, the classic tactical strategy series Front Mission is at half price.

With such a vast wealth of essential roleplaying history and contemporary creativity from one of gaming’s most recognizable developers available at temporary markdowns, now is the time both newcomers and returning fans alike can’t ignore. But make it quick, as these deals are only available for a limited time on Humble Bundle.

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