Replacements revealed for Rocket League’s Loot Crates


Psyonix announced they will be phasing loot boxes out of Rocket League by the end of 2019 and we received our first look at what will be replacing them.

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Loot boxes have picked up quite a negative reputation over the years due to the perception of gambling and things get even worse when players see them included in full-priced AAA video games.

When it was revealed Rocket League will be dropping loot boxes entirely, the loot box haters out their rejoiced, and now we know how players will still be able to earn unlockables.

PsyonixRocket League will be dropping loot crates by the end of the year.
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In December, an update will drop the Crates completely and replace them with something called Blueprints. 

After playing a match of Rocket League, you’ll have a chance to obtain a Blueprint. These will allow you to see exactly what item can be created from it and what the price is. They remain in your inventory indefinitely so don’t worry if you can’t afford it right away.

Twitch: btsrocketleagueRocket League is replacing Loot Crates with Blueprints.
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To craft items and purchase items from the revamped Item Shop, you’ll do so with credits, which is the currency that will be replacing keys.

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All of your keys will be converted to credits so you don’t have to worry about those going to waste. On top of that, each crate you have will be turned into Blueprints automatically once you fire up the new Rocket League update in December.

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Hold your horses though, as there will be one final Crate called the Vindicator Crate and it goes live October 3.

It features the new Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion and Psyonix gave us a sneak peek at what it looks like just a few days before its release date.

PsyonixThe Vindicator will be the final Crate.
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Psyonix believes this new system will give an added touch of transparency and show you just what you’ll be getting before you actually get it.

We’ll find out more about how the system works when it officially launches in December. You can read more about the update in the official blog post here.

Loot boxes are facing a crossroads of sorts as they have been deemed gambling in Belgium, and games like Overwatch have had to rework them to meet new regulations.

The United States has been looking into ways to regulate loot boxes in the video games as of May 2019, but nothing has come out of that as of yet.

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