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Realm Royale

KEEMSTAR Provides an Update for the Next $100k Thursday Realm Royale Tournament Date and Teases ‘Big’ In-Game Changes

Published: 6/Aug/2018 16:36

by DG Goldstein


Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem provided an update on the next $100k Realm Royale tournament, and teased future updates from Hi-Rez Studios.

On Monday, August 6, KEEMSTAR announced that the weekly $100k Realm Royale tournament will be ‘taking a week off,’ and will no longer take place on Thursday, August 9.

The decision stems from Hi-Rez Studio, the developer of Realm Royale, experimenting with ‘big’ in-game changes and updates in the future, according to the ‘Drama Alert’ Host.

KEEMSTAR did not mention any specific date regarding when the tournament series will be rescheduled, however, stated that it will ‘100% return.’

As of writing, the proposed changes that will potentially be coming to Realm Royale are unknown.

After the success of the ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament series which saw major personalities, content creators, and other notable individuals from across the gaming community compete each week for a cash prize, KEEMSTAR teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios to create a similar project with Realm Royale.

More information on the most recent $100k Realm Royale tournament including participants, standings, and much more can be found right here.


xQc Starts Smashing His Equipment in Rage During Realm Royale $100K Tournament

Published: 4/Aug/2018 14:19

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel could not contain his rage after being eliminated during KEEMSTAR’s Thursday Realm Royale $100,000 tournament, smashing his desk and tossing his headset.

xQc’s streams are popular for a number of reasons, but one of them is his notorious rage outbursts – most famously on Overwatch, the game he previously played at a professional level with the Dallas Fuel.

But really, his rage the kind that all gamers experience from time to time, on all different games, especially those that are online – with some serious money is on the line.

Playing in KEEMSTAR and Hi-Rez Studio’s weekly $100,000 Realm Royale tournament, xQc and his duos partner were eliminated, and his desk and headset took the brunt of his anger.

Warning: It gets pretty loud.

Realm Royale is a battle royale like most others, but with it’s own unique twists on the gameplay and features you may be familiar with from Fortnite and PUBG.

However, it is still in its early access stage, with the developers at Hi-Rez studying the game for improvements and bug fixes, before a full launch.

Unfortunately for xQc, he wasn’t able to break into the money placings with his performance, him and his partner MOXY finished 20th out of 35 teams.

They did manage to out place some big name favorites however, such as the duo of Summit1g and JoshOG, who many had figured had a good shot of winning.

xQc and MOXY also bettered streamers shroud and Jotobo, who like Summit and JoshOG, failed to win a game.

The tournament was actually won by esports commentator IHOLDSHIFT and his partner SSLCK, who were last minute invites to the event to fill in for another team that couldn’t make it.

They netted the $50,000 first place prize – not bad for a last minute invitation.