KEEMSTAR Based Chicken Skin Has Been Added in Realm Royale

A skin based on the YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has been added in Realm Royale on July 31.

Called ‘KEEMSTAR Gnome,’ the chicken skin is now available for purchase in the game’s Shop for 1,000 Crowns, the currency used in-game.

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Once purchased and equipped, the KEEMSTAR Gnome will appear in-game when the player gets turned into a chicken prior to becoming eliminated.

KEEMSTAR posted an image of his new skin on his Twitter page after it had been released.

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The skin has a remarkably close resemblance to the popular YouTuber; the massive beard, branded hat, and bowl of popcorn are all staples of KEEMSTAR and his ‘DramaAlert’ online show.

A video of the skin as it appears in the game shop can be seen in the earlier moments of the video below:

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The addition of a KEEMSTAR themed skin in Realm Royale is not much of a surprise; the content creator has publicly maintained a good relationship with developers Hi-Rez Studios, even hosting a $100K tournament for their game earlier in July.

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