PUBG PCS5 Americas Week 3 players to watch

PCS5 Americas players to watch week 3PUBG Esports


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PUBG PCS5 Americas Week 3 is set to be a tight one as the race for PGC slots nears its end. Not sure exactly who to watch this week? We’ve highlighted a few players you need to have on your radar.

PCS5 Americas Week 2 served up in more ways than one. The title race is close now with Soniqs losing their first week of action since PCS3 to Oath. With Week 3 proving to be the big money maker for squads, it could come down to the final Chicken Dinner.

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Ahead of the action, let’s take a look at the players that’ll likely define not just their team’s success at PCS5 Americas, but give them a chance to fight for PGC glory.

Snakers (Oath)

While he wasn’t the big killer for Oath in Week 2, Snakers definitely was the shining light in their massive win. With 26 knocks and 20 kills, he was critical in the clutch, placing Oath within touching distance of Soniqs heading into Week 3 (with a bit of help from an unfortunate fill-in for the defending champions).

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It was a much-needed comeback for the squad who failed to finish in the money in Week 1 despite three second place finishes across the 12 games. It was Snakers in the clutch of Week 2 Match 7 that got them the 2v2 win, and then later on in Match 9, he played the hill fight perfectly to keep Soniqs and Spacestation at bay with perfect utility usage.

Wins were what Oath needed, and Snakers delivered them a few of the best in Week 2. If they can keep it up in Week 3, Oath will prove that their ESL Masters Phase 2 win was no joke and come into PGC with a massive head of steam.

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Luke12 (TSM)

If it wasn’t for Luke12, one would wonder the position TSM would find themselves in. He is always seemingly there for the squad in the clutch, and with the second highest damage of Week 2 at 5,023 (behind TGLTN of all people), he sets up a lot of their plays.

TSM’s firepower is far from being their issue. Luke12 (and aLOW) have both been on fire on the guns. However, TSM can’t be getting caught out here in NA, or the European and Asian beasts at PGC will eat them alive.

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If trends continue and Luke12 keeps posting TGLTN-rivaling numbers, TSM have a fine chance of pushing for a podium finish. All eyes will be on him to do as much, but TSM need to find that extra spark to become a threat on the global stage ⁠— because their goals are much bigger than just Americas.

Hwinn (Soniqs)

Hwinn’s absence for Soniqs hurt them dearly in PCS5 Americas Week 2. While Hambino was a decent substitute for the squad, nothing beats having your IGL back in the slot, ready to call another Soniqs dub.

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It was evident by Soniqs’ performances on Day 2 that they had the firepower, but perhaps missed some of the rotations and got caught out without that strong voice. They made the most out of a bad situation ⁠— Shrimzy was a thorn in TSM’s side in Match 10, most notably ⁠— but there’s always going to be the question of “what if Hwinn was there”.

If Hwinn returns in PCS5 Week 3 (which looks like that’ll be the case), expect Soniqs to stand on top of the leaderboard yet again. While Gods do bleed, it’s not that easily, and they’ll be aiming to replicate their Week 1 performances.

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oldless (SSG)

Oldless had a huge week for SSG to follow back up on their Week 1 successes. There were fewer Chicken Dinners on the board, but his 21 kills were key in netting points for the squad.

Had they managed to convert either one of their big killed Match 7 or 9 games on Day 2 into a win, SSG would have finished second, making them near locks for PGC going into Week 3 as leaders. Fifth is hardly a bad result, and it’s clear the new recruit for SSG is quite possibly the difference-maker.

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Stepping into the shoes of someone like Uncivil is hard, but oldless is proving to be a rising star and more than deserving of a chance to represent NA internationally.