Pokemon Valentine’s Day gift goes viral with custom Game Boy & Pokemon Blue

Daniel Megarry
Pokemon Blue Valentine's Day Gift

As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, this modified Game Boy Pocket and custom Pokemon Blue cartridge is the ultimate display of affection for gamers.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people are hunting for the perfect way to show their special person that they care. Well, it might be time to give up on that quest, as this Pokemon fan has already won.

Modified Nintendo consoles and custom Pokemon roms are certainly nothing new, but Reddit user CrimsonChymist found a way to combine them both for a special Love Version as a romantic present.

In a post on the Pokemon subreddit, he explained: “Just finished my Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend. A modded Game Boy Pocket and a custom Pokemon Blue version cart.”

Valentine’s Day version of Pokemon Blue goes viral

Pokemon Love Version Reddit
CrimsonChymist’s custom Pokemon: Love Version features Eeevee as the mascot.

The present consists of a pink Game Boy Pocket and a matching cartridge, which contains a modified version of the classic 90s game Pokemon Blue and has custom ‘Love Version’ artwork featuring Eevee.

But CrimsonChymist didn’t stop there, as he actually modified the game to feature a special message when booted up. When Professor Oak appears, instead of his usual speech he says: “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you.”

To match the design on the cartridge, all three starter Pokemon are changed to be Eevee, and he modified the game further so the rival will have a different Eeveelution depending on which starter the player picks.

Pokemon Love Version Reddit
The custom Pokemon game opens with a special message from Professor Oak.

“I was originally going to make the starter choices Eevee, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff but Gen 1 Jigglypuff doesn’t have any attacking moves at level 5 and I don’t have the rom hacking experience to change the movesets,” he explained.

The custom gift looks like it will win over more than just the gamer’s girlfriend, as the whole of the Pokemon subreddit has fallen in love with the idea. CrimsonChymist’s post has over 20k upvotes, and plenty of comments of praise for his creativity.

“This is fantastic! Exactly what I’d hope for if I was receiving this gift myself,” wrote one Pokemon fan. Another added: “Every mod that puts the Eevee family at the forefront is instantly among the world’s greatest mods.”

While the custom present is admittedly pretty incredible, it does mean the rest of us are going to have to up our game next Valentine’s Day to get on the same level.

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