Pokemon trainers can’t wait to battle Lucario in Legends Arceus after viral fail

David Purcell
lucario pokemon legends arceus

Lucario has always been one of the most sought-after Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region, but the Fighting/Steel-type has made a huge blunder right before Pokemon Legends Arceus releases. Now, players think it’s a soft touch for battles. 

The Lucario fans all around the world fell in love with was a deep, powerful character, introduced to the Pokedex in 2005.

However, many now think they have reason to believe that it won’t be as powerful in the Hisui region, where Pokemon can directly attack trainers with certain moves for the first time ever in boss battles.

Pokemon Legends Arceus launches on January 28 and after a new Bidoof short movie, some may be thinking Lucario has lost a step.

Lucario roasted for big Pokemon blunder

Pokemon Legends Arceus arc phone scene
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Legends Arceus will be the company’s first major release in 2022.

In a viral Reddit post from Yserros, which has over 30,000 upvotes, trainers have noticed something very interesting about Bidoof’s special animated story.

During one scene, Lucario is spotted firing an Aura Sphere towards another Pokemon and completely misses.

While this might appear to be normal for most, members of the community have been left completely stunned, as it’s supposed to be a move that never fails.

Its official description is: “This move is certain to hit. The user lets loose a blast of aura power from deep within its body at the target. This attack never misses.”

At an unprecedented time for the series, where trainers will soon have to roll up their sleeves to fight monsters and dodge attacks in Legends Arceus, this clip has given hope to many players ahead of a potential boss clash with the blue-furred species.

Maybe Lucario will be easy to defeat and catch?

Full Pokemon Bidoof short

The Bidoof short – called Bidoof’s Big Stand – is an original animation from The Pokemon Company, and can be found below.

(Lucario segment starts at 1:55) 

Players divided

The short video has divided fans, to an extent, though.

Trying to make sense of the missed move, one said: “Staraptor used Detect?” Another replied: “It gets Detect as an egg move, which is a good enough explanation for me.”

In another part of the comments section, a user added: “Could be Focus Blast instead. It’s blue in the anime.” Somebody replied: “The question then becomes: how did it almost hit?”

Among the replies was this, too: “Fun fact: in the Spanish version ‘Focus Blast’ is called ‘Onda Certera’, which literally means ‘Accurate Wave’.”

Make of that what you will, but any chink in the armor of an iconic Pokemon that’s very likely to feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus will be a boost for trainers. Should they come up against Lucario, they now know which Pokemon to use.