Pokemon Legends Arceus to increase difficulty with major item change

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trainer throwing item screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

A new Pokemon Legends Arceus feature will overhaul the way players use items. The massive change will make the 2022 title much more difficult than Gen 8’s Sword & Shield.

While Pokemon Sword & Shield has become one of the series’ most popular games of all time, the title has drawn criticism over the years from longtime fans who argued that the Galar region was “too easy”.

However, all of that could change as Game Freak has announced a new feature for Pokemon Legends Arceus that looks to ramp up the difficulty. The major item overhaul will add consequences to losing battles.

Pokemon Legends Arceus wild Pokemon BattleGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
A new change in items will make Pokemon battles more intense.

Pokemon Legends Arceus difficulty increased with item change

Although Pokemon Legends is set long ago in the past, the Sinnoh origins story will include mechanics that have been featured in all previous generations, including Exp. Candy which was introduced in Sword & Shield.

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In a major change, Trainers will have think twice about the items they bring with them on their adventures as they could actually lose them. The feature was discovered by Serebii’s Joe Merrick, who picked up on the new press material.

“One thing the English accounts and sites haven’t mentioned but got announced today is that if your trainer is knocked out in Legends Arceus, you will lose some of your items,” he said, “However there is an item that replaces one of the lost item.”

Interestingly, the mechanic will also allow players to bring a special item that will act as a substitute. “It’s an item you can have that, when in your bag, will be lost first when you’re defeated, preventing you from losing more useful items. Without it, you’d lose something random from your bag (I think),” Pokemon fan ‘Indospot’ clarified.

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The design change means that players can lose important items in their bag if they get knocked out in battles or by wild ‘mon when exploring the map.

With Alpha Pokemon and Frenzied Nobles being introduced, the Hisui region doesn’t look to be a walk in the park.