Pokemon Go players blast Niantic over “unresolved” Sinnoh Tour issues

Philip Trahan
The Pokemon Pikachu being angry.

Pokemon Go players have called out Niantic over “unresolved” Los Angeles – Sinnoh Tour issues that haven’t been rectified with some form of compensation.

Pokemon Go players who participated in the Los Angeles portion of the Sinnoh Tour event concluded their time at the Rose Bowl on February 18, 2024.

Unfortunately, that paid portion of the event was not the smoothest experience for some players, as Niantic issued an apology and time extension for Saturday, February 17.

Even after the event has concluded some players have called Niantic out once again after they claimed some issues were left “unresolved” following the end of the Los Angeles event.

Pokemon Go players call out “unresolved” Sinnoh Tour issues

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled, “List of Unresolved LA Sinnoh Tour Issues” laid out issues Niantic has yet to address publicly.

According to the OP, these unresolved issues included early Raiders not receiving bonus XL Candy, Saturday players not getting the bonus Rotom Research, and Routes being turned off on Saturday.

While some of these issues were rectified the next day of the event, the OP claimed that no compensation or acknowledgment was offered for these problems.

Considering the Los Angeles event was a paid, ticketed event, it’s no wonder players felt strongly about these issues. Many trainers made their feelings clear in the comments.

“As someone who only purchased 1 day in-person and no city add ons, I’m pissed I couldn’t have a chance at White Basculin given there were no routes at the stadium or golf course,” said one ticket holder.

Some fans even pointed out that some issues were worse than the OP claimed. “Routes were also turned off at the Rose Bowl on Sunday,” said one trainer. Another confirmed this was the case.

It’s unclear if Niantic will eventually acknowledge these problems or offer compensation. Given that it’s been some time since the event concluded, this seems unlikely.

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