Overwatch League fans scratching their heads over weird Fanatics merch line

Blizzard Entertainment

Clothing company Fanatics just can’t seem to catch a break with their something wasn’t quite right with the “official” team jerseys.

Now a new Fanatics t-shirt has thrown fans for a loop and makes you wonder if it was a real person or just some kind of computer algorithm that put these shirts together.

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Is this how words work?

At first glance, the shirts look fine. They have the team name and logo on them, pretty standard fare. But if you take a look at the text underneath the design on the chest, things start to get weird.

For example, Washington’s shirt reads “Washington D.C. _____ capital of the United States _____ center of American _____ _____ along the Potomac River and declared _____.”

It’s not just one or two shirts that are like this either, every team in the league has the shirt and they all contain random phrases or words that make no sense in context.

Another great example is the Los Angeles Valiant’s. Did you know that Los Angeles is the most ____ city in California? Well now you do.

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When will the Overwatch League return?

The Overwatch League and its teams are currently taking a break after the Stage Two Finals and the All-Star Weekend until June 6.

Until then, Overwatch’s third-annual Anniversary event started on May 21 and brings 11 new skins and new dance emotes for Ashe, Hammond and Baptiste for players to collect.

Overwatch’s Anniversary event ends on June 10, just a few days after Overwatch League Stage Three gets started.