Overwatch streamer hits an insane sleep dart with Ana - Dexerto

Overwatch streamer hits an insane sleep dart with Ana

Published: 15/Nov/2018 0:06 Updated: 15/Nov/2018 0:13

by Bill Cooney


Trick shots with Ana’s Sleep Darts make for some great Overwatch highlights, and Romanian streamer Mihai ‘mL7’ Lupascu managed to capture one of the most impressive sleep dart plays ever.

While defending the point with his team on Oasis Gardens, mL7 sees a Genji take out his blade and head his way.

As the enemy Genji dashes to strike, the streamer casually falls to the low ground and hits the cyborg ninja, behind him at this point, with a no-look sleep dart.

After casually telling his team the Genji is asleep, mL7 continues on like he didn’t just hit a once-in-a-lifetime Sleep Dart.


The streamer doesn’t seem to process what’s just happened until after his team has won the fight when he starts laughing about the ridiculous play.

“That was probably the sickest sleep I’ve ever done,” mL7 announces. “180 sleep, holy shit.”

mL7 streams Overwatch pretty regularly on Twitch, he has competed in Overwatch’s tier 2 professional scene in the past, but mostly sticks to streaming and, apparently, hitting sick sleep darts.