Overwatch 2 players lash out at devs for nerfing Ana once again in newest patch

Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 players are not particularly happy with the devs at Blizzard after nerfing Ana once again in the newest mid-season patch, this time with key adjustments to her nade.

Ana is, according to Overbuff, the most-picked hero in Overwatch with a solid 8.49 percent. Not only that, we are currently in the midst of an Ana-focused meta, as according to the Overwatch League Stats Lab Ana is the most picked support as well. 

This is despite her getting a nerf in Season 4, decreasing her sleep darts on Tanks from five seconds to 3.5. And once again, in the latest mid-season patch, Ana has seemingly been targeted once again. This time, Blizzard has lowered the healing on her Biotic Grenade from 100 to 60. 

And Overwatch players are not happy at the continued nerfs. In a Reddit thread about the latest changes, players bemoaned the stream of adjustments to the support. With many feeling that her survivability from getting dived has been greatly affected as the hero never had many good mobility options in the first place.

“I feel like Blizzard forgets that Ana has no mobility options,” the poster wrote in the comments. Another felt that the dev’s reasoning for her nerf was not very justified.

In the patch notes, the devs explained the nerfs arguing, “Ana’s survivability has improved significantly ever since the addition of the support passive. We are reducing the amount of healing provided by the Biotic Grenade explosion as she doesn’t need to rely on it for self-healing as much as before.”

Samito, an Overwatch coach and streamer was similarly not happy with the nerfs. “Ana nerfs, why? The most high risk high-reward fair character in the game. And to the self-sustain?” he said in his rant about the hero changes. 

He further explains in the comments that now Ana will have to play with Brigitte to have sufficient self-sustain. Which is already the support comp that has been dominating OWL so far into the Season. 

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