Overwatch 2 devs hint at team tournament mode & map pick system

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2

With Overwatch 2’s development ramping up and fans eager for news on the sequel, Blizzard developers hinted at some new features that could be coming to PVP multiplayer.

As it’s known, Overwatch was first intended to be a six-on-six experience with players pre-forming their groups and then queuing to go into matches.

In a Reddit AMA, Principal Game Designer Scott Mercer was asked about why Blizzard changed its position on six-stacks and if they ever regret going back on it.

“There were concerns that a 6 stack only competitive queue would prevent some players from participating. While they do want to play competitively, improve their skills, and test themselves, there are many reasons they might prevent them to play as a team with others,” he explained.

Dva poses as her mech explodes
Overwatch was originally designed to be played with groups of 6.

Additionally, the six-stack queues ultimately created some problems with matchmaking and could have been a logistical issue with players having to find their own teammates.

With that said, Mercer hinted that the team has some “cool ideas around competitive formats using fixed 6 player teams.”

“It would likely take the form of short duration tournaments rather than month(s) long seasons like we have now,” he explained.

Platinum Brigitte storms battlefield on Route 66
Six-stacking could create some issues with matchmaking.

However, don’t expect to be playing tournaments any time soon, perhaps even right away once Overwatch 2 launches as Mercy claims the long-term ideas are “far in the future.”

In another comment, Game Director Jeff Kaplan was asked about changing to the 2CP/Assault game mode and if players could ever “skip” the game mode completely.

“For Overwatch 2 we have some ideas that will allow for more player agency,” he said. “Nothing is set in stone yet so I don’t want to commit to any promises.”

Skyline view of Overwatch's Paris map
Paris is one of the least liked maps in Overwatch.

He further added that he personally believes that the dislike of 2CP is “fueled a bit by the echo chamber of certain communities” and the modes are “not as universally hated as some would have you believe.”

These two comments about tournaments and a potential map veto system could very well be related to each other as well. Giving players the opportunity to choose which map they want to play on in a tournament setting would be extremely ideal and possibly something we’ll see in the future.

Overwatch 2 has no release date so far, but hopefully we’ll learn more, including a possible release window in the near future, especially with a possible online BlizzCon coming in the Fall.

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