Stephen A. Smith dismisses Lamar Jackson-Chiefs Super Bowl theory

Hunter Haas
Stephen A. Smith hits out at “ridiculous” Lamar Jackson-Chiefs theory

A Lamar Jackson debate broke out as Stephen A. Smith shot down the notion that Andy Reid and the Chiefs would be just as successful with Jackson instead of Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs are fresh off back-to-back Super Bowl victories. The team is a budding dynasty with Patrick Mahomes at the peak of his powers.

Elsewhere in the league, Lamar Jackson, a two-time NFL MVP, has consistently gotten the Ravens to the postseason.

However, in six years, Jackson has gone 2-4 in the NFL Playoffs, including a disappointing AFC Championship loss to the Chiefs this past season.

While Jackson’s talent is undeniable, and Reid’s placement as one of the best head coaches in NFL history is cemented, would the two have found success together?

First Take debates Lamar Jackson-Chiefs theory

First Take host Molly Qerim asked: “Would Lamar [Jackson] have won the Super Bowl if he was on the Chiefs?”

Louis Riddick chimed in: “Yes. I’m not saying he would have won three. I’m not saying he would have won this year. I am saying that he would have won a Super Bowl by now.

“Why? Because Andy [Reid] is as good as there is in the history of the game. He has done it with Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick on the Eagles.”

“Then he got to Kansas City and brought along Alex Smith. And then he drafted Patrick [Mahomes]. And now things have taken off.

“Lamar would have, without a doubt, benefitted from that kind of structure, just like Patrick has from Andy’s innovation.”

Stephen A. Smith shuts down Super Bowl debate

Stephen A. Smith fired back: “Oh, stop it. That is just ridiculous. Lamar Jackson would not have won the Super Bowl this year with that Chiefs team.

“And by the way, McNabb wasn’t no scrub. Vick wasn’t no scrub. And they didn’t win a Super Bowl for Andy Reid, either.

“Andy Reid never had a Super Bowl until Patrick Mahomes.

“We know the Hall of Famer that is Andy Reid, even without the Super Bowls, because that’s how great he is. But that doesn’t mean they would have won the Super Bowl.

“It comes down to moments. That is something we are still waiting for when it comes to Lamar Jackson. I know he’s great. I know he’s phenomenal.

“But Super Bowl is the operative word here. When it comes to that, it takes moments.”

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are two of only 11 players with multiple NFL MVP awards. While the former has the upper hand in the Super Bowls, Jackson is only 27 and just entering the prime years for a quarterback.

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