NBA 2K23 fans demand ‘simplified’ MyPlayer mode ahead of release

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NBA 2K23’s release is fast approaching and dedicated players of the basketball sim are hoping developer Visual Concepts make the popular MyPlayer mode more simplified than in recent iterations of the game.

Each installment in the NBA 2K franchise brings a new approach to the popular MyPlayer mode, which allows players to create a baller of their liking and fight their way into, and then to the top of, the National Basketball Association.

MyPlayer has irked fans of the series in the past for including heavy amounts of story, ultimately impeding the actual gameplay. Now players are begging 2K to rework the mode in favor of player demands.

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an image of Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird in NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition2K Games
NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition will be a limited edition in the U.S. and Canada.

Fans hoping for MyPlayer changes in NBA 2K23

With NBA 2K23‘s release less than two months away, longtime faithfuls of the franchise are hoping the game doesn’t make the same mistakes that 2K22 did regarding the My Player mode.

One user said, “2K has got to realize that MyCareer doesn’t have to be extra as f**k. We just wanna get drafted into the league, why are you making us be DJs that get picked up after a scout sees us at a pickup game?”

2K fans have voiced their dislike of the last few entries of the game where MyPlayer mode had tons of different storylines, including players being a DJ.

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Another player replied, “I miss games like 2K14 and 2K15 where there was no dumb ass storyline with these characters nobody cares about. You’re just a fairly unknown ball player trying to make it into the league. That’s It. And, your performance in-game actually has an effect on what happens to you.”

Hopefully, for 2K fans’ sake, the developers have heard their cries that they wish to have MyPlayer return to its roots as a single-player mode where basketball fans can control their destiny and don’t have to encounter too much of a storyline if they don’t want to.

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