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Tyler1 gives unusually subtle response after his LoL skills are questioned

Published: 26/Nov/2019 14:11

by Connor Bennett


Popular streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp had the perfect response after Rabia ‘Nightblue3’ Yazbek tried to roast his skills in League of Legends

When it comes to non-professional players streaming League of Legends, there is perhaps no bigger name than Tyler1. The 24-year-old has racked up close to 3 million followers during his six years on the livestreaming platform. 

Even though he goes on winning streaks every now and again, the majority of his streams contain him raging at a teammate after they do something stupid or roasting a viewer when they try to take shots at him. Yet, when he was riding high in a Twitch Rivals event, Nightblue3 tried to bring him down a notch. 


Twitch: Tyler1

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As he was preparing to watch opposing teams enter Summoner’s Rift for the November 25 round of play, Tyler1 was waiting for the action to begin when a viewer sent him a clip of Nightblue3 trying to roast him. 

“Is Tyler better than me? No, he’s s**t. He gets carried every game and his jungler gets out jungled every game, facts,” said the former Team SoloMid substitute. 

However, it didn’t take Tyler long to respond in hysterical fashion. The popular streamer immediately took his perfect 6-0 record counter and began twirling around on stream as the clip continued playing out. 


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Yet, T1 didn’t remain speechless, as he fired back with some comments of his own. “Delusion. It is a sickness that needs to be cured,” he said, before getting back to watching the stream of the other matches.

With his team progressing through to the semi-finals, Tyler was able to kick back and relax while scouting out LoL players like ImaQtPie and 100 Thieves’ Yassou – who he has gone head-to-head with on a number of occasions.

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However, he’ll have to wait to get his hands on Nightblue3, as the former TSM substitute’s squad is on the other side of the bracket to T1’s team.


It could, very well, make for an epic Twitch Rivals final match-up though, and it’d certainly be a victory that Tyler1 would hold over his LoL counter-parts for quite some time.