Riot reveal major matchmaking changes coming to League of Legends

Riot Games

Riot Games revealed what they will be doing in 2020 to improve ranked play and matchmaking in League of Legends.

Ever since the smash-hit MOBA released, there has always been a discussion around it on how balanced it is. With thousands upon thousands of daily players, it can be increasingly difficult to get a fair match for everybody.

However, that’s exactly what Riot are looking to do in 2020, and they released a lengthy blog post going into great detail about what they’ll be targeting.

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Nightbringer Aphelios skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Many matchmaking changes are coming to League.

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Their goals that are laid out include speeding up the queue times while also making sure they don’t compromise the quality of the match. The last thing players want is to wait several minutes for a game only to be steamrolled by better players.

The developers are going to target that in two different ways – autofill and duo balance. These two changes are nearly ready for launch, and Riot sounds confident they will make the game more playable for everybody.

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These changes will balance the number of premades on each team, which sounds like it’ll make it less likely you’ll run into a team of friends while playing solo. This isn’t a problem that’s exclusive to League, so this will definitely be something that’ll be appreciated.

On the autofill front, Riot say they will make the system more “informed,” meaning they will balance the positions that are filled as well.  The team believes there are some small tweaks that can be made that will not risk messing up anything else that’s currently working as intended.

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Pool Party Taric skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Many changes are on the way!

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As for what’s on the horizon later in the year, they have several things lined up.

Riot wants to figure out a better way to deal with unsportsmanlike behavior in the game, such as going AFK, griefing, feeding, and win trading. They don’t go too in-depth with what’s in store but do confirm they are looking at better ways to punish these players.

There’s a lot that can change down the road, but autofill and premade balance will be showing up in the game very soon, and Riot will keep everyone updated with their plans with that and everything else going forward.

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