MAD Lions owner roasts LoL team after being knocked out of Worlds 2021

Bill Cooney
MAD Lions

One of the owners of the MAD Lions organization called out several players on the League of Legends team after they were knocked out of Worlds 2021.

Worlds is undoubtedly the biggest LoL esports event of the year and 2021 is no different. Emotions and expectations are high for the surviving teams in the competition — for players and owners alike.

On October 24, MAD Lions were knocked out of the tournament following a 0-3 loss to DAMWON Gaming. Shortly after the match concluded Luis ‘Revenant’ Miguel Amor, one of the org’s owners, took to Twitter to call out members of the team.

Revenant calls out Carzzy

Revenant called out Matyas ‘Carzzy’ Orsag, who’s currently negotiating for a contract extension with the club, for not doing enough. At the same time, he praised Javier ‘Elyoya’ Prades for “carrying” the team in a now-deleted tweet.

“What a shame it makes me see the yoya like this, he has to carry everyone on his back along with Kaiser, I still think that Carzzy does not give the level,” Revenant said in a now-deleted tweet, translated by Twitter. “He contributes things to the team that they consider important, I am clear that he put the Flakked on the hook but I don’t send shit about those things.”

In response to being called out, Carzzy replied with a simple “lol” before Revenant deleted the original tweet. After it was removed, the owner followed up saying he had no issue deleting the tweet after speaking to the pro through DMs.

“Clearly my Tweet about Carzzy has bothered, so I have zero problems deleting it and even apologizing to him,” Revenant wrote. “The least he wanted was to disrespect him or his teammates or the year they have done. Don’t scratch so much that I even spoke to him through DM.”

But, that isn’t where this saga ends. After that tweet, Revenant went live on Twitch and continued to defend his opinion, saying he could “say that and whatever I want.”

“I don’t think Carzzy is very good or is not on his best level… I think Carzzy has no level right now,” the owner said on stream. “The thing is that everyone complained because apparently I can’t say that, because I’m a MAD Lions owner, I can’t say that… well, I can say that and whatever I want.”

After Revenant’s stream took place, Carzzy replied that he couldn’t “believe how stupid some people are,” before adding that he wasn’t letting the owner’s comments get to him.

“It doesn’t matter what someone who doesn’t have a single clue about the game says, I am not going to feel down, because someone such as @G4G_Revenant said something like this,” Carzzy said. “Just stay happy. Don’t let other people get you down. I love MAD.”

MAD Lions issue official statement

After the incident gained traction on social media, MAD Lions responded with an official statement. They credited Carzzy for being a “big part” of their success and insisted that Revenant does not speak for them.

“We’re incredibly proud of our team’s performance at Worlds 2021 and throughout the entire season,” they said. “We support all of our players, including Carzzy, who was a big part of our success.

“The disparaging conversation started earlier on social by Revenant, one of our content providers is misleading. He is not part of the ownership group or management and does not speak for MAD Lions or Overactive Media.

“We count on our partners to work collaboratively with us and share our disappointment around Revenant’s comments with our fans.”

Carzzy is currently going through contract negotiations with MAD Lions. It remains unclear whether he’ll be a part of the team’s plans moving forward.

Meanwhile, Revenant has been left to deal with the “disappointment” the organization feels towards his comments. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.