League remake bug set for fix after Tyler1 smashed his keyboard over it

Lawrence Scotti

Riot Games has promised a fix to the League of Legends remake bug that caused Twitch star Tyler1 to smash his keyboard to pieces in a fit of rage.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Tyler1 raged at something that happened in a League of Legends game.

Despite this being a frequent occurrence over the course of his streaming career, a bug he encountered during a September 23 broadcast was quite worthy of his anger. His team’s jungler forgot to take the summoner spell Smite, making the match a wash from the get-go.

Then, his teammate never bought items or left the base fountain. Even with all of that, the game did not allow Tyler or his other three teammates to remake the game, causing Tyler to punch his keyboard in frustration.

Now, Riot has responded to the clip.

Tyler1 smashing his keyboard to pieces.

Riot claims League remake bug fix is coming

On September 24 Riot developer Auberaun responded to the viral Tyler1 clip and claimed the team is working on a fix for the remake bug the streamer encountered.

They said, “We’ll fix this. Also looking to move up the remake timer to when absence would reasonably start to impact the game, so around minions meeting in mid or something, exact date to be determined.”

Auberaun responded to a comment that pointed to the player base not having confidence in Riot and noted, “That’s reasonable, confidence has to be earned, which we’ll work towards by following through here. This is a pretty specific commitment so should be pretty clear-cut to see if it happens or not. I can’t promise a specific timeline right now aside from it not being next patch.”

Tyler responded to Auberaun’s comment live on stream, “It’s been five-plus years of this sh*t. I mean, respect for the response, but it’s been a problem for years.”

T1 then noted how this bug might only get fixed because the clip caused so much commotion on Reddit.

Hopefully for Tyler, and all of League’s enormous player base, the developers can provide a quick fix to this long-standing Tyler1 issue.