How Team Liquid became LCS’ best despite Doublelift exit

Liquid don't need Doublelift

For two years, Team Liquid were the dominant force of the LCS, but in Spring 2020, everything fell apart. A disastrous split which culminated in them failing to even reach the playoffs, and star ADC Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng ultimately leaving for TSM.

Even after reaching their lowest point, Team Liquid have managed to rally and form an incredible come back. Even after losing their marquee player, the team surpassed the formidable-looking Cloud 9 in Spring 2020 and TL even managed to close out Summer 2020 regular split in first place as the favorites for the playoffs.

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The emergence of Edward ‘Tactical’ Ra has proved vital in this run, with the ADC carrying his weight in his first full split and also carrying when needed in the late game. This breakout season for Tactical led to him being voted to the All-Pro second team of the LCS.

This is the story of how Team Liquid bounced back from their worst form in years despite the loss of Doublelift.

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