League of Legends’ Faker joins Run BTS! and performs with them

Lauren Bergin

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyoek has become more than just a LoL player – he’s a Korean icon, so it makes a lot of sense that he’s on BTS’ variety show. 

Variety shows have become a quintessential part of Korean culture. With shows like Running Man attracting a worldwide audience, hosting A-list celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, as well as their own South Korean stars on a regular basis.

One of these stars is Faker, the legendary T1 midlaner; however, instead of being on Running Man, he’s on BTS’ live series, ‘Run BTS!.’ Alongside his fellow T1 teammates, Faker’s set to appear on the episodes entitled ‘League of Number One’.

The first of these airs on 3 November, with the second episode yet to be announced.

Faker at Worlds 2019 semi finals
Faker has become a local and global sensation.

How to watch

If you’re interested in watching one of the world’s favorite LoL players partake in some weird and wonderful challenges then you can catch the episode on V Live.

What is Faker doing on BTS’ show?

T1 are in BTS’ words “the BTS of the gaming world”, so it makes a lot of sense that the show revolves around playing a plethora of different games and undertaking some bizarre challenges.

Faker alongside his T1 teammates and BTS.

Several of these are integral parts of every Korean variety show: the first game that they play revolves around fitting each player’s name in the space between a series of beats. If they fail, then they are out of the game until one is left standing.

The members of BTS are then forced to take on League of Legends alongside some of Korea’s most decorated players. In mixed squads, the boys fight for their place as the best LoL team.

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