Kingdom Hearts 3’s 1.02 update includes the story’s epilogue – Patch notes

The 1.02 update for Kingdom Hearts 3 officially released on Tuesday, January 29, and includes a major storyline addition for PS4 and Xbox One players.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the much anticipated third entry into the legendary Disney franchise, that sees hero Sora team up with Goofy and Donald Duck to them battle the evil Xehanort.

The game officially released worldwide on Tuesday, January 29, and Square Enix have already begun to pump out updates and bug fixes for the game.

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With Square Enix desperate for the ending of the game not to be leaked until after Kingdom Hearts 3’s official launch, the developers took extra steps to ensure that fans would have to wait to see the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga.

This included the decision to not include the game’s final epilogue in the final release, instead choosing to include it as part of the 1.02 update.

Players will obviously need to have completed the game’s main story before they can watch the epilogue, which is estimated to take between 40 and 50 hours, and as long as 80 hours if you choose to take on the numerous side quests included.

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Square Enix left the epilogue out of the game on release to avoid leaks.
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This is the second update that Square Enix have released for Kingdom Hearts 3, with the 1.01 update bring Memory Archives to the game’s title screen and various bug fixes as well.

The developers are set to release another patch in the next few days that will include a secret video that will be unlocked when players have collected a certain amount of Special Emblems and then completed the game.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Update Version 1.02 (PS4) Patch Notes

Version 1.02

  • Added new cutscene: Epilogue

Version 1.01

  • Added Memory Archives to the title screen
  • Fixed various issues

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