The Last of Us Part 2 is Naughty Dog’s ‘most ambitious’ game to date

Naughty Dog

In an interview on July 29, Troy Baker, the voice actor for Joel in the The Last of Us Part 2, said the game will be Naughty Dog‘s ‘most ambitious’ title they have ever made, along with some other interesting tidbits.

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The Last of Us is one of the most lauded and awarded games on PlayStation, and its sequel is without a doubt one of the highest anticipated games of 2020.

While Sony and Naughty Dog have kept things close to the vest, the voice actor for Joel, Troy Baker, sat down with Push Square at Manchester Comic-Con, and gave a little insight into what to expect from the title.

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Naughty Dog’s ‘most ambitious’ game ever made

While the voice actor was not allowed to say much, he revealed that the game was “far larger than I thought was going to be possible.” With the Last of Us already being pretty massive, it makes us wonder if the game will be less linear and more open.

Baker then went on to claim that “it’s hands down the most ambitious game that Naughty Dog has ever done for sure”. Considering the Uncharted series are some of the biggest games ever to land on PS4, it is pretty revealing of the size and scope of the game.

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naughty dogThe Last of Us Part 2 doesn’t have a set release date yet.
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On June 5, Ellie’s voice actor Ashley Johnson did an interview with YouTube channel ‘Critical Role’ where she accidentally let slip a possible release date, before catching herself. 

Troy Baker commented on the moment saying: “People just took it out of context”. Jokingly he then said “I’m sure she got a call from Sony saying, ‘Shut up!'”

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Neither of them know the release date

If you are tired of not knowing when the game will come out, you are not alone, as apparently the voice actors have not been told the release date yet either. 

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“We are still cranking on it, I can tell you that much. Where it’s at in development, I have no idea. Everybody feels like it’s broken until it’s shipping, and then when it’s shipping they’re like, ‘We shipped a broken game!’ And that’s the gig of making a game.” Baker laughed.

InstagramNeither Troy or Ashley know the release date.
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While we are still largely in the dark about what to expect from The Last of Us Part 2, the fact that it’s much bigger than previous game, and said to be Naughty Dog’s most ambitious game ever made gives players many reasons to be excited.

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Naughty Dog had previously moved away from the linear design in their Uncharted series, with Uncharted 4 having open world sections, so it’s possible that TLOU2 could go that way.