Team Vitality sign popular Indian content creators with over 9m subs

Team Vitality enters IndiaTeam Vitality

French esports organization Team Vitality have officially entered India by signing four content creators that, combined, have a subscriber count of almost 9.5m.

The org formally announced that they planned to enter the country in October 2020 and their first priority is establishing their presence within the community.

They have established a base of operations in Mumbai alongside signing four prominent content creators, namely Live Insaan, Rachitroo, Classified YT, and Mili kya Mili.

Team Vitality’s plans for the regions are lofty, looking to become the “best esports organization in the region.”

Team Vitality signs four Indian content creatorsTeam Vitality
Signing four popular content creators is the first of many steps for Team Vitality in India.

The organization will be launching their competitive efforts in India in 2021, though the titles that they’re looking to expand into have not been disclosed at this time.

“Team Vitality constantly strives to build winning teams on the international stage,” Team Vitality’s CEO Nicolas Maurer said. “Our entry into India is a big milestone for us and part of our endeavour to conquer the world of esports. Our mission here is to not just build professional teams but to also make ourselves the most aspirational esports brand in the country.

“We’re very keen to engage with our fans in India via our content creators before competing in the biggest local tournaments with our incoming professional teams.”

PUBG Mobile was the most popular esports title in India up until it was banned in September 2020, leaving questions as to what game will step up and take its place. Team Vitality’s new content creators have a large presence in the mobile battle royale title, though they also have recently produced videos on titles such as Minecraft and Among Us.

In November 2020, Team Vitality partnered with software giants SAP to streamline and optimize their processes. The partnership will help them monitor contracts, manage data, and improve their financial flow, subsequently freeing up time to allow them to look into expanding internationally and make better-informed decisions.