How to find and harvest Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones

Ethan Dean
Skull and Bones Acacia WoodUbisoft

Skull & Bones is jam-packed with materials you’ll need to rule the high seas but one is more important than the rest. Here’s how to find and harvest Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones.

Skull & Bones has finally set sail after more than a decade in development. Players are taking to the open ocean to plunder and pillage to their black hearts’ content.

The focus of the game is ship-to-ship combat which borrows largely from its spiritual predecessor Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. As a fearsome pirate, you’ll engage meek landlubbers with your canons, board their ships, and take their booty.

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Of course, if you want to be a successful pirate, you’ll want a sturdy ship with all the trimmings which requires more of one resource than any other. Here’s how to get ahold of some Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones.

Finding a crowbar in Skull and BonesUbisoft
You can Harvest Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones without leaving your ship.

How to Harvest Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones

Unlike Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, you can’t just stroll around any island in Skull & Bones. That means a majority of resource gathering is actually done from your ship.

To harvest Acacia Wood, you’ll need a Saw which you can get from the Carpenter in the game. You’ll be introduced to the Carpenter fairly early on in the game’s tutorial.

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Finding Acacia Wood in Skull & Bones is as simple as combing the map for small tree icons shown in the image below. Once you’ve located one, sail close enough and hit the Harvest Acacia prompt.

This will trigger a mini-game in which you saw the Acacia using the right trigger on your controller. The aim is to keep yourself inside the green area for the best results, though you’ll still earn some Acacia Wood for sticking to the yellow area.

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Acacia Wood Skull & BonesUbisoft
Acacia Wood can be found wherever you see these green tree icons on the map.

And there you have it. Soon you’ll be rolling in Acacia Wood which is a good thing given it’s one of the primary resources for repairing and building ships in Skull & Bones.

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