All ship types in Skull and Bones

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In the treacherous waters of Skull and Bones, choosing the right ship is as crucial as mastering the art of naval combat itself. Each vessel is not just a means of transport but a statement of your piratical prowess, equipped with unique perks that can turn the tide of battle. Here are all the ship types you’ll find in Skull and Bones.

Navigating through the vast selection of ships available in Skull and Bones reveals a thoughtfully curated arsenal ready for any aspiring pirate lord. 

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Whether you prefer the stealthy approach of hunting with the Dhow or the brute force of the Brigantine’s ramming power, understanding the strengths and specialties of each ship type is crucial for dominating the high seas.

As players chart their course to piracy infamy, the choice of ship reflects their approach to the game‘s challenges. Let’s dive into the diverse fleet of ships awaiting in Skull and Bones and what makes each one stand out.

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Ships fire broadsides at each other in Skull and BonesUbisoft
Skull and Bones features multiple ship types, each with amazing perks.

All Ship Types in Skull and Bones

Ship TypeSizeDescription
DhowExtra SmallHunter: Allows preservation of resources gained from hunting wildlife.
HulkSmallIronclad: Increases Brace Strength by 250%, reduces Brace Strength depletion by 20% when hit, and improves Brace Strength Recovery by 25%.
BedarSmallLancer: Increases damage from ramming by 25%, reduces slowing effect of Torn Sails by 50%, and applies the flooded effect to an enemy ship upon ramming.
CutterSmallUnburdened: Regenerates hull health by 0.5%, severe damage by 1% every second. Friendly ships within radius also share this effect.
SloopSmallOutburst: Explosives have a 50% chance to trigger explosions, dealing 1,500 damage. Increases damage with explosives by 15% and to structures by 20%.
BargeSmallDetonate: Explosive weapons have a 70% chance of triggering an explosion within a 125m radius. Effect automatically applies if the ship is ablaze.
PadewakangMediumTenacity: Increases Brace Strength Recovery by 4 per second. Overall Brace Strength increased by 50%.
SnowMediumTenacity: Same as Padewakang, increases Brace Strength Recovery significantly, enhancing the ship’s defensive capabilities.
SambukMediumScorched: Deals 5,000 burning damage when setting another ship on fire. Fire spreads within a 150m radius. Increases damage dealt to ships set ablaze by 50%.
BrigantineMediumBullhorn: Increases ramming damage by 45%, reduces Torn Sail effect duration by 80%. Applies Flooded effect to any ship that is rammed.

These ships in Skull and Bones offer a diverse range of tactical choices, allowing players to tailor their naval warfare strategy to their preferred playstyle, from direct confrontations to supporting allies and exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.

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